Thursday, February 28, 2008

I was too young to understand all this but late at night the TV would be on and my older brothers would be watching SNL. I laughed I guess because they were, not fully knowing exactly what they were laughing at. But some things I didn't even have to try to understand. Like when Chevy would take a fall in the beginning of each show. I'd have to say that the time when I really began watching SNL was about the time when Charles Rocket was in the show. It was also a time when there used to be a show called Fridays. That's when we first got a taste of Michael Richard's comedy. And if that wasn't enough late night comedy, there was also SCTV with Eugene Levy, John Candy, Martin Short, Catherine O'Hara, Andrea Martin, etc. Lots of funny stuff going on during that time. Smart, goofy comedy. Add to that Midnight Special and the British Kenny Everett Show, Monty Python and you'd wonder when TV went so bad? So I got the first season of SNL in order to watch all this stuff that have not had their re-runs recently. But don't be too surprised if you didn't find it as funny as it was back then. Just they way some things go. Chevy Chase saying "I'm Chevy Chase and you're not" seemed a lot funnier back then. But not to worry as there are still plenty of timeless funnies here. I've only been through two of the eight discs in this set. I'm waiting for the one season to come out when Blondie made their appearance. The whole thing reminds me of Junior High and subway cars covered in that wonderful graffiti. I thought they were great works of art.

So I had this transistor radio that I would place by the window and I think it was during Saturdays that Kasey Kassem had that top 10 radio show. I just wanted to find out which number in the top 10 Blondie's Rapture or The Tide is High made it to. Somewhere between Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 and John Lennon's Imagine. This was 1980 and rap music was mostly an underground movement at the time. But a band from the CBGB's punk scene brought it to the top 10. I certainly had never heard anything like it. When I first heard Rapture (it made it's debut on Solid Gold when Debbie was hosting it), I was wondering why she was talking throughout the song.

Here's a movie I can't live without Life of Brian, I think is one of Monty's best made film. Poke fun at religion, and you can't go wrong. I bought this for $20 at Borders the other day. It's a great value for a 2 disc set (The Immaculate Edition). It's tempting to watch it now, but would like to save it for a more appropriate time. It's almost here.

Friday, February 22, 2008

View & P.I.D. No. 14

View from an office, somewhere in Manhattan. A chilly, snowy and grey day. The view wasn't always like this. Whenever I came in the room, I would look out at this area and just be amazed with wonder and awe. The sky wasn't as visible as you see here. That empty area in the middle, where now there is so much sky is where the World Trade Center used to live.

Post-It-Doodle No. 14
These three tracks came up on my pod's shuffle this morning. And it made the commute this morning bearable.
Nitzer Ebb - Shame
Nitzer Ebb - Warsaw Ghetto
Frontline Assembly - The Blade

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Post-It Doodlers!

Yep! There some others out there doing this!

First check out The Post It Project in which I'm a contributor now. And lots of links to others who are now doing Post-It Doodles. Some fantastic stuff out there.

Check 'em out!

P.I.D. No. 13

It's Post-It No. 13! and it falls on Valentines day. V-Day! So in honor of V-Day, I give you my "black hearts" post-it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Deb's IF I HAD YOU video

Click image to see.

The Debster has a new video for "If I Had You." What I like about this video is that one, I think she looks great. And two, I love those old Debbie clips. It's a celebration of her career as a woman in rock.

Phone picture tags

Me and my brother are playing phone picture tag. He sends me pictures of the desert where it's 75 degrees, I send him pictures of the city where it's snowing and below 30 degrees. He tells me he's wearing shorts while I send him a picture of me all bundled up.

But I did like the recent picture. It reminds of the first time I moved to Phoenix and upon waking up in my brother's apartment, this was pretty much the image that I saw out the window. Clear, blue skies and hot air baloons hovering up the sky. Landscapes of cacti and other desert-y things. Anyway, it's quickly owtgrown as it would be to any New Yorker or anyone from a big city (I'm so over it...)

What is funny about this is that they (meaning my brother and anyone living out there in Phoenix). Think because we have a winter season here, that we must be miserable and want to be out there on the sunny side. That may be true to some people, but it sure isn't true of me. Anyway, in contrast, below is the picture I sent to him outside the Native American museum.

Monday, February 11, 2008

No doodles, just words.

I deserted The Monster Island sometime ago. The island and its occupants (The Monsters) have been calling my name saying things like "You are needed here." and "You can do much better here."

I don't know. Sometimes I feel like going there and visiting with the monsters. But then I tell myself that towards the end, really nobody cares. The whole "I'm doing it for myself" thing is such bull. Off course you're doing it to get someone to notice, react, interact and give you feedback. Otherwise, it would be done with pen and paper, and "only for myself." I do know for a fact that writing comes a lot easier when I'm all about the feelings and emotions. A particular event that I'm fond of or not so fond of.

Sigh... I will try and get back to the swing of things soon enough.

I may begin a new blog featuring just the knit projects. Who knows.

Currently reading:

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

You know, I became a skeptic once I began to take science a serious look and started reading up on it. From the bits and pieces that I took from these books, I started wondering how people get so delusional about such things? I will get into it later, but not today. I'm still in the middle of the book.

Right, cheers, thanks a lot.