Saturday, May 07, 2011

blog? what blog?

A little while longer and I'd totally forget I ever had a blog.

So I'll just ramble on since it doesn't look like I'm going to bed anytime soon.

Last summer I had deal with the fact that I have type 2 diabetes like some many people in this country. It was a brutal summer and I remember walking into my apt with shopping bag full of soft drinks and I would begin to gulp away like there's no tomorrow. One day I thought it was quite unusual that I wanted to drink WAY too much. And what's more I was turning to drinking a lot of water and going to the bathroom, like, constantly. Then my vision began to blur. I headed for the doctor then and learned what was going to be kicking my ass now in this life. But you get scared when they first tell ya. Who wouldn't be scared of something that could fuck up your organs and cause you to lose eyesight and limbs? I started doing what they told me. I ate right and stopped the sugar and lost a few pounds. My tests came out better after that.

During the holidays I was faced with some new stress-like situations at work. And then in February I was given the news that the partner I worked for would be moving to a new firm and would I like to go with? I said yes. So since March 1st I've been working in a new place right next to Bloomingdale's and a few blocks away from Central Park. Nice area and it's closer to home. My walk to the train station takes longer than the actual ride to work. The people are very nice at the new place. But I miss the girls I used to work with.

I haven't seen the doctors since. Did not have the time to put that together and I've not had the meds for a while and I've been going a bit stray with the diet. But not to worry (or for some people, don't be TOO happy), I'm getting a hold of the situation and will get back on track. Right after I deal with the crap that's going on inside my mouth. I've had to have a root canal done last week and the dentist says he can't put on a crown until I remove a wisdom tooth that's right behind the tooth that needs the crown. It's been so much fun!!

FLA Angriff

The last CD I bought was Frontline Assembly's Improvised Electronic Device, which was a fucking breath of fresh air finally! I needed that aggressive familiar EBM Industrial music to keep me afloat of things. But lately, I've also been listening to Kraftwerk's The Man Machine a lot - Something about that album makes me envision the imaginary world of space, machines and cities before life as we know it in the current space age.

Kraftwerk The Robots