Wednesday, January 03, 2007

With your mascara and your Fender guitar/And you think you can arouse us?

I don't know that I have a good grasp or a good concept of reality. All I know is I need a few little crutches to get through life sometimes. So what if I'm making up for the last 20 years. True, there were other things I needed more and probably my priorities aren't that straight right now. Or is it? I'm not sure. I just know that I can't let something eat at me and me not do something about it.

I'm rationalizing and justifying my need for material things. You know all the things you'll tell yourself when you're about to embark on a new something or other. Things like: "Life's too short" or "I've always wanted one but was never able to get it until now." and "It's about time." True, I'm a little late in the game but it's the soul talking. It wants this so I gave it. Who are you to judge me?

I went middle of the road with this. I didn't want something so cheap that it wouldn't last and I could not afford the Standard Strat which would cost about $300 more.
This is the Fender Stratocaster HSS otherwise known as "Highway 1." It's an upgrade from the previous version they had out before. For those that know about guitars and Fender brands, this not a "Made in Mexico" model. I suppose if I was 16 and had all that time to learn and then get something better afterwards, a MIM strat would have done well. But like I said, I'm a little late. The only guitar I've owned was an old acoustic bought second hand from some guy in Arizona. So I went with a USA model that would serve me well for a long time.

I'm happy with it. Love looking at it and learning on it. I won't be doing any recordings with it for a while. But just to test it out, I hooked it up to my computer to hear how it would sound with all those effects. It sounds pretty good, except that I was picking up radio stations!

That's probably because it was too close to my computer. I bought a direct box so that might solve the problem.

Ok, back to practice.

*Title of post from Morrissey's "Get Off The Stage."

Oh, I know that you say
How age has no meaning
Oh, but here is your audience now
And they're screaming :

"Get off the stage"
Oh, get off the stage
Because I've given you enough of my time
And the money that wasn't even mine
Have you seen yourself recently ?


xolondon said...

YOu had a baby! cute pic!

steve said...

Good for you V. This is yet just another outlet for your creativity. Nothing wrong with this! I wouldn't mind picking up bass again but I've got my eye on the new "lil' chubby" Moog. Anyhow, hope to hear some of this in your future compositions.

V said...

Don't ask me how long I was in labor!

Steve, you mean the "Little Phatty?" Yeah, that's an impressive synth. Wouldn't mind that myself. So many new synths comming out with emphasis on the "analog" sound. And Moog is definately on top of the list with this new gem. Would love to have it, but would have to sell my soul first with a price tag of $1500.

V said...

By the way, Steve - Have you played around with Garageband lately? I plugged my guitar in and the effects for it are amazing. I'm amazed at what it can do for a program you get for free with your 'puter.

kilgorsky said...

I know how getting a new instrument feels like. Way to go, man.

V said...

Thanks Kil. Been practicing every night. I wish I had done this sooner.

Jack said...

CONGRATS! I think it's a wonderful move, V. Is it a lot of fun to learn? Taking lessons is a real treat if you're not already.

V said...

It's fun but also a little frustrating. I'm wondering if I'm ever going to be able to make that Fmajor chord. Gotta have more patience. At the moment, I'm teaching myself. I'm hoping I don't pick up "bad" habits that can be hard to break.

Anonymous said...

I think I understand what you are trying to say. It is the same thing when a fat, balding, middle aged guy purchases a hot new sports car. I think it is called a mid life crisis when someone makes a purchase like that.

steve said...

God, that last comment is a stupid one--a real "zinger". What a coward to post annonymous too. Anyhow, yeah, I just realized it after I posted--Little Phatty. I was close. Anyhow, just watched my Moog dvd again last night. You ever see that documentary? Good stuff! The Theramin and Bruce Haack documentaries are great too!

Anonymous said...

Wow it sounds like my luck guess hit a truth nerve ! Why don't you erase any doubt in our minds by posting a photo of you sitting in your sports car.. oops I mean a photo of you holding your hot new guitar.

Anonymous said...

V said...

Seems to me that it was your nerves that were hit - since you had to come here and start making comments (as if I don't know who you really are..) Why keep seeking me out? Obviously you've got some issues there.

I wonder though, what's eating you?

Oh, and keep doubting.

V said...

Steve, I know who "anonymous" is. This is his "thing" with me, it's pretty tiresome.

Anyway, I have yet to see the docu. on Moog. I've passeed by it a few times at Virgin - but haven't picked it up yet.

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