Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm Your Karma

I'm the voices in your head
I'm in everyone you've said
In every step you tread
I'm the news you'll always dread

I'm your karma
I'm' your karma
I'm your karma

I'm the terror in your eyes
A demon you despise
I'm the rain on your parade
I'm all the mistakes you made

I'm the door that always slams
The window when it jams
I'm the heaven in your head
The hell you choose instead

I'm your karma
I'm your karma

For what goes around
It comes around
My love you've been around
Now it's time to bring you down

I'm the motorcycle wreck
The death card in your deck
I'm the loss of a close friend
The grief that never ends

I'll be your heart attack
The sense you'll always lack
The phone that never rings
A clip upon your wings

Your world that falls apart
Your heaviness of heart
The judgement from above
A final lack of love

The only tear you shed
The last thought in your head
I'll be the one beside your grave
who cries
When you are dead

I'm your Karma
I'm your Karma

But who will be
my karma?

Maybe you will be
My karma

For what goes around
It comes around
My love you've been around

Is it time to bring me down?
It's time to bring me down
It's time to bring me down
like I brought you down

You're my karma
You're my karma

like I was your karma

And the clock ticks on
And the clock ticks on

I'm your karma

Marc Almond

I was felling awfully low this Saturday. I decided to check out Marc Almond's MySpace and he had up four songs. All of them good. This one especially. I had to make up the lyrics as there weren't any available on the net. So I hope I got it right. It's just him and Martin Watkins on piano.

Addition: Looks like the songs have been taken down except for one. I guess I got there just in time. Just when I needed it. And then, poof. Sorry if you wanted to hear it.


kilgorsky said...

You've been writing about music a lot lately. What are you reading, V?

Varant said...
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V said...

I've been re-reading Gore Vidals' "Live from Golgotha - The gospel according to Gore Vidal."

What about you?

kilgorsky said...

Nothing too ambitious, unfortunately: Tom Clancy's "Without Remorse".

We had a great band practice yesterday. With my brother, the guitar player, for the first time in two months. He'd had an arm injury and couldn't play.

I've noticed some improvement in my playing, because I spent most of the past two months practicing by myself. Now, with the band, some parts felt a lot more comfortable.

Have you etablished a practicing routing, V? Or just playing whatever you feel at the moment?

V said...

Most of my readings recently are of magazine music articles on gear and such. My favorite so far is one that comes from the UK called "sound on sound" great and helpful articles.

You guys going to do any shows?

I am trying to establish a praciticing routine. Every day (or night) I have to do something weather it's chords or some scales. Very slow at the moment. But it's going to take time. I think naturally I'm a lefty, but I have to get the coordinations right. it's a little frustrating at the moment cause I want to play songs!

kilgorsky said...

V, I know what you're saying. You want to move beyond practicing to actual playing.

We're stuck without the lead singer. We couldn't invite anyone the parctice, without my brother back in business (an injury prevented him from playing for two months). Once we're sure he can play again, we'll go about looking for a screamer.

V said...

Good luck finding your "screamer" Kil!