Sunday, January 07, 2007

Playlist by way of YouTube.

Echo & The Bunnynmen - The Cutter

The Eurythmics - Sex Crime 1984 (with scenes from the move of same)

The Jesus & Mary Chain - Just Like Honey

The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

The Chameleons - Don't Fall

The Chameleons - In Shreds (wish more people knew this great 80s band)

Killing Joke - A New Day (never available on any of their compilations)

Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's Day

This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren

Propaganda - P Machinery

Some songs seem out of place with the rest. They clash. But so am I and so do I.


steve said...

Oh yeah, this is some top notch stuff--I need to sit down here soon and check all of these out. I know it's their best known song, but "Love Like Blood" by Killing Joke was always a fave of mine. that Beginning guitar and keyboard line at the beginning then the sinister bassline--you don't hear rock like that much anymore. The Jesus and mary Chain were always great, and the hair was always a trip. Tanks for posting these man.

V said...

Hey Steve, it was a tossup between Love Like Blood and this one. A New Day is a favorite of mine and I can't understand why they don't include it with any of their compilations. They did once, but it was a dub version. I agree about the begining of the song and the keys comming in - great and you're right, they don't do-em like that anymore.

It was more for the music than the actual videos themselves. I actually tried immitating the Jesus & Mary Chain look for a while. :)

I wanted to include Love & Rockets too but maybe next time. Didn't want to over-do it.

Check out the Chameleons. They don't get the mention that they deserve which is sad.

Jörg said...

Thanks for this great collection of videos! I did not see them back then, we had no cable, the first time I saw MTV was 1990

V said...

Yeah I missed out on MTV during the early 80s and didn't get a chance to see all those videos for a time. Some videos I'm sure the U.S. hardly ever played which is why youtube is so cool!

xolondon said...

Excellent choices. Ypu do have very good taste, whether you know it or not!

V said...

Hey XO, thanks for the comps. All of you who have made comments here have good taste! Thanks for agreeing with my choices. :)