Saturday, January 13, 2007


Junior Boys - so this is goodbye

I finally got my hands on this. It is an electro treat to the ears full of clean beats and single sounds. Lots of great tracks here. "When No One Cares" is so Morrissey. Fantastic bass lines as in "The Equalizer." This I think is the second release from the Canadian duo. I imagine more great things coming from these new artists.

Simple Minds - Early Gold

Handpicked by the artists themselves. This is a collection of some pretty good Simple Minds songs covering their first five releases. Some great tracks like "I Travel" and "Love Song" are among my favorites. But their last four is among the best Simple Minds songs ever: "Promised You a Miracle," "Glittering Prize," "Someone Somewhere in Summertime," and "New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)."

Everything But The Girl - like the deserts miss the rain

Another collection of songs (I think) chosen by the artists. I have to say I've only owned a couple of their albums. One was their self titled album which included the great track "Native Land" which is the reason I bought it. I bought it for a $1 from some guy selling used records on the street downtown New York. Sadly, this song is not included in this collection but does include "Each and Every One." Another great track from that first album. Off course, every one remembers the over played "Missing" definitely included here.

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here

I grew up in a household where this is the music my older brothers were playing all the time. Among other artists like The Doors, The Police, The Clash, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Van Halen and some southern rock bands as well as heavy metal bands like Judas Priest. These two Pink Floyd albums were released over 30 years ago. While growing up, there was in the back of my head a certain liking for these songs but at the time I was probably thinking something like "How could I like the same things THEY do. It's not possible." Though one of my brothers was also a Clash fan and I had found some Ramones in their collection as well. I was strictly a Blondie fan at the time. Also, I was talking to a close friend of mine recently who said I would really appreciate their recordings and that I should take a closer listen.

It's when you get nearer the cash register - as there are a couple of people left in front of you as you begin counting up the damage in your wallet. And you just know you have to let go a couple of them. But which ones? You want all of them but you also have to be sensible. I hate making that last minute decision. I had to put away Christian Death's "The Decomposition of Violets" which was originally only released on tape and a collection of songs from The Chameleons. I have most of the Chameleons albums on CD but thing with them is that they recorded so many versions of the same song. So I was just curious as to which ones they were and if there was a version I hadn't heard. I know that the one CD I can't find from them is "Here Today ... Gone Tomorrow" which includes better versions of songs that I already have and some songs not found on their other recordings. I shouldn't say their better, rather than different. Depends on the mood I guess.


Jörg said...

Thank you for the nice comments!
But where are your downloadable files?

V said...

Hi Jorg, thank you for checking in. Maybe the title of the post mislead you to think I had downloadable files here. Sorry to say, I don't include them in this blog.

I'd just thought I'd post about some of the music that I had just bought as I do from time to time.

steve said...

Great choices V! Don't you hate when that happens--when you buy stuff and realize just how much you spent? I always feel guilty, but hey, we could be putting our hard earned cash to worse things. But I'm glad you picked up the Junior Boys cd--great stuff. I think the "when No one cares" was actually a Sinatra cover, believe it or not! Those old Simple minds songs are great too--'Promised You a Miracle" and "Someone, somewhere..."--they have a real magic quality about them. Do you have Glittering Prize at all? If not, I've got an extra copy if you need it.

V said...

Steve, Sinatra? Interesting for a cover. Ditto on Simple Minds. Saw them live once over 20 years ago. Good show. I saw The Cure one night and the next night Simple Minds. In the same venue yet. Rumour was that Alphaville was going to open up for Simple Minds but we got Shriekback instead. Which was a total treat as "Nemesis" was the big thing from them at the time.

Wouldn't mind Glittering Prize at all. But don't sweat it. We'll have to trade or something.

xolondon said...

EBTG's album Temperamental (1999), do you have it? If not let me know. There are some tracks on there that may be very YOU.

V said...

I don't have that one. I've heard some snippets - sounds pretty "housey." Which tracks do you recommend?