Thursday, January 11, 2007

R.I.P. Lily

Yvonne De Carlo also known as "Lily" has passed away.

Girl, You were the Munster in that family. You played that harp and sang that really cool dark song that I dug at such a young age. I thought you were cool. You wore a hooded cape made out of coffin linings. You always went to bed placing a lily on your chest as if you were dead.

Their phone booth was a coffin. They had a pet dinasour named "Spike" that would breathe fire. Always funny seeing people running away (in fast motion) at the sight of Herman Munster. And what kind of car was that anyway?

Anyway, Yvonne (Margaret Midleton) was 84 and died of natural causes on Monday, January 8.


Jack said...

I'm sad about it. Lily was so wonderful.

V said...

Hi Jack - She had quite a few movies to her credit. Sad to see her go.

steve said...

Lily--THE original queen of Goth. RIP! Honestly, I didn't watch this show much but LOVED the song!