Monday, January 22, 2007


New 15 track Nine Inch Nails to come out soon. According to Side Line, the ablum was recorded mostly with laptops in various hotel rooms around the world. Guest vocalists and such.

I'm interested but not holding my breath. Can't remember the last time I bought into any of his stuff. For me "Pretty Hate Machine" was the only great NIN album ever made considering who was involved with the making of that album.


xolondon said...

I don't like him very much. Not referring to their music. Just him.

kilgorsky said...

The last thing I know is a double Cd "Fragile". I like it.

V said...

"Fragile" Came out I think many years ago. I haven't kept up because Trent went into some other directions. Though there were some tracks from "Downward Spiral" which was good. Like "Hurt" and "Closer."

steve said...

Yeah, technically and stylistically "Downward Spiral" was a much better album than Het Machine, but his first still remains my fave. It took me some time to warm up to though. Trent's from around my way and a friend of mine got an early promo copy of Hate Machine while working at a record shop in Pittsburgh back in 1990. I was heavily into industrial, digging the likes of Skinny Puppy and Front 242. Pretty hate Machine got so much hpe soon after but it seemed like a step backwars to me, and the lyrics about more personal matters like love kind of put me off. Looking back now, it was a pretty fresh direction for that kind of music and the poppier aspect kind of brought industrial to a wider audience (although when you think about it, depeche Mode were sort of bringing an industrial pop to the masses in the mid-eighties--the "People are People" sampler a good example.

V said...

I'd like to think of the 90s as the "Wax Trax" years. I remember getting into a lot of Ministry as well among others. Like you, I was also listening to all the industrial greats at the time including Frontline Assembly. I first heard "Head Like a Hole" while visiting a freind in Atlanta and that bass line really threw me! Loved it. And off course the subject matter and lyrics suited me just fine. :)

Good call on the whole DM being industrial. I always thought that too, but people always disagreed when I'd mention that to other industrial music fans (those on-line forums back when we had BBS systems rather than internet). Yeah those guys were using sampling keyboards back in the "Construction Time Again" years. A song like "Pipeline" I think is very industrial.

On the other hand though not exactly "pop" I think Killing Joke was also a bit on the industrial side heading back to the 1980s.

Thanks for the comment, Steve.