Thursday, December 28, 2006

Moon Over Andromeda


While not exactly the "holiday blues," I'm somewhat on the downside at the moment. Christmas was OK and Oh, I can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible. Then I realized, this is what I've been given. Make of it whatever you can to keep it interesting. Boy, did I try. I played melodies with my knife on several glasses of wine each filled to a certain level in their glasses.

Some things I've vocalized at the table:

"It's 'shaken not stirred, not stirred not shaken'"

"Martini is spelled with a 'i' at the end not 'y'"

"It's made with gin, not vodka, unless that's how you want it and yes it DOES have Vermouth! Don't tell me I'm wrong!"

And I thought "If I stick a fork in my eye, I might just be able to get out of this."

That sort of thing.

But that's all just funny now and nothing to be down about. And this type of thing happens all around the world.

Depeche Mode Interview:

Check out this fun Depeche Mode interview on YouTube. Kinda nice to see them in this way. I love Martin's responses. Listen to what Simon Lebon had to say when he first met Dave.

My Obsession:

It's all about getting this electric guitar lately. And you know that once you begin thinking about something and begin to obsess over it, it's everywhere. Not only that, but everyone around you seems to be thinking the same way and getting theirs. Just want one, that's all. And I'll get it too. Just watch me. It's about the music, man - it's not about having toys to play with or to show off with. I just want to make music.

Music (making of):

I was playing around with Apple's Logic Express and I might just start using this over Ableton Live. At the moment anyway. But I can do with a new Mac Pro though. Again, it's about the music. I need power. But that's thousands of dollars away from here. Sigh


If you were celebrating or that you had time off to go see family and occasion to celebrate, I hope that it was all fun filled and joyous and everything good.

Picture above from the website Astronomy Picture of The Day.


xolondon said...

Sorry it wasn't quite right this year. You are right that it's sort of a classic situation, feeling the holiday table. I hope it's a GOOD omen actually of a good year ahead. You certainly had some interesting changes in 2006. Peace!!

V said...

Certainly! I hope it is a good omen and 2007 is full of some great changes.

steve said...

Hello V and Happy New Year! I hear you about how not everyone is all happy and cheery during the holidays. While I'm all for happiness, I do think some people get kind of annoing with overdoing it. I didn't check out the Chopra thing yet but I agree, the overly positive thing can be offputting and weird even. Anyhow, good luck with the guitar and your endeavors, whatever they may be this year. I the meantime, I'm going to check out the DM interview. Thanks!

V said...

Hey Steve, Happy New Year to you! It wasn't all that bad. Just the fact that I had a few days off was enough for me. I hope you liked the interview. I thought it was kinda fun. I'm off to see what the latest is in blogland.

By the way: I just got me a Fender Stratocaster. How I'm going to be able to stretch my fingers to do those power chords is beyond me. But I've gotta practice. Peace!

xolondon said...

ROCK ON dude!