Sunday, January 07, 2007

Men's Synchronized Swimming - SNL classic favorite

Again, I gotta thank YouTube for being able to find these clips.

One of the best skits SNL had done during their greater days when they had Martin Short, Christopher Guest & Billy Cristal as some of their players.

Enjoy this. It doesn't get any funnier.

What happened to skit commedy these days anyway? In my opinion, SNL has got nothing funny going on anymore. I started watching MAD TV for a while and even that show went into the un-funny category.


steve said...

Aww V, "Synchronized Swimming" might very well be the most hilarious skit ever! My brother and i would always immitate the line I'm not that strong of a swimmer". Classic classic laughs!

V said...

"No you're not angry at him, you're just pointing at him"

Now if I can just find that "farm aid" skit they did.

Anonymous said...
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