Friday, January 25, 2008

P.I.D. No. 12

I had this idea of bringing in my moleskine to do my doodling in during the day. But I keep forgeting. Perhaps I feel like I didn't want to make the post it doodles obsolete. You know, because they are SO popular.
Marc Almond has found it difficult to put up a couple of tracks for sale up on iTunes. These were left out of "Stardom Road." So because of said difficulties, he's kindly put them up in his MySpace page for free downloads.
Yazoo - Their remasters should be coming out soon (packaged with a DVD). They have already announced tour dates in the UK. Lucky bastards. Hope they come to the U.S. soon! I just think when you reunite and start touring and all, how about a couple of new songs? There doesn't seem to be anything like that in the works.
So here's the thing. Picture this. 1986. Young boys and girls on their way to the show.....
I mean, the show didn't even start UNTIL 11:30 and that was the opening act! By 12:30, Book of Love would come on to the stage and we were as awake and jumpy as anything. By 2 AM, the show would end - but that's when the disco began (well, he starts off with Yaz's "Don't Go") How do you not want to dance after all that jumping around for Love? We would leave by 4 AM and find ourselves one of those 24 hour diners to have a meal and talk and about it. None of us really had any nerve to even think about whether we were ever going to find love or not.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Comfort Zone

Lately, this has been sort of a comfort zone.

It all started back in the beginning of 98. I had the flu and I was out of work for about a week. I was looking for something to do. So passing by the fabric store I saw all this yarn in the window and thought, well, why not? So I came back with a couple of skeins of yarn, a pattern booklet and a pair of aluminum needles and began teaching myself to knit. Along the way I've made several sweaters, a lot of hats and socks, scarves and shawls. Today, a lot more men have taken up the craft and are making themselves, families and friends more comfortable with their hand made woollies for the winter. Check out the website Men Who Knit where I've gotten a lot of nice comments on this project.

I made this hat with nobody in mind. Just wanted to knit the thing. It's not the kind of hat that suits me. I just wear a basic black hat that I've made for myself.

I sent the picture to a friend who lives out in GA and he's expressed interest, so I will send it out to him. And I'm happy that he's requested more hats.

Submitted for Inspire Me Thursday's prompt: Comfort Zone


Pattern: Norwegian Banded Hat obtained from Countrywool
Yarn: Brown Sheep's Naturespun Sport
Needles: Size 3 & 5

Monday, January 07, 2008

P.I.D. No. 11

If I can pull off wearing a kilt, I'd totally do it. I was in San Francisco some years back and saw lots of men wearing kilts and I thought "that totally looks cool!" Not that you'd have to be hanging around Castro street to be wearing them, but it just should be a an option, you know? Well, it is an option for a lot of people, but is it for me? But I think we're a long way from men wearing kilts to work as part of the business-casual wear.

I went to Borders today looking for a calendar to put up at my desk at work. It's all about puppies, kittens and off course chickens and half naked fire fighters with that stuff. The one astronomy calendar I found was all opened up and nearly destroyed and there wasn't another one unopened. I settled on tigers. It came with magnets which will go on my fridge.

I also bought the book "In Search of Schrodinger's Cat - Quantum Physics and Reality." I'm hoping this will be the book that will for once help me get a grip on the subject.