Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Live from the Frankenstein Ballroom - Morrissey 10/23/07

Actually, more like Hammerstein Ballroom. But you know Morrissey. And why am I using the famous "Salford Lads" picture instead of something more current from Moz? Because if you had bought the "Queen is Dead" album which had a gatefold sleeve, and opened it up, you would see this same picture. The same album containing the picture which contained the single "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" which he performed last night to the delight of many an old Smiths fans. One song in particular "Stretch Out And Wait" had transformed me back to those days in the mid 80s. A young V not going to school, but dreaming on the streets of New York City, walking in the rain listening to said songs.

As one commenter (Macker) stated taken from the Brooklyn Vegan Site:

"Being at a Morrissey concert is like playing 'this is your life' - each song brings me back to a specific time in my life and last night it was fun to go back to being 16... "

Other Smiths songs included:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
Death Of A Disco Dancer
How Soon Is Now?

Early Moz solo fans would have enjoyed:

The Loop
Sister, I'm a Poet
Billy Budd
Jack The Ripper
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?

And most recent ones:

Iris Blood, English Heart
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
First Of The Gang To Die

And the only song he sang from Ringleader: Dear God, Please Help Me

New York Dolls Cover: Human Being

New Songs: All You Need Is Me, I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, That's How People Grow Up, One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell.

It would have been ideal for me to just give you the one setlist, but this isn't an ideal world.

And would you believe I was not about to go to this show? I got up yesterday morning and felt the beginning of headaches and figured it was going to last me the whole day. The mood shifted to me not wanting to take part in this show. I reasoned that I had seen Morrissey in Atlantic City only a few months ago. But an exchange of E-mails from one Celibate to another convinced me that I should indeed go. I'm so glad I did. The setlist was entirely different from the one in Atlantic City so it felt like a completely new show. The audience was better and so was the venue. As always, Moz shows get so much more exciting towards the end of the show as die-hard fans try to outmanoeuvre the security guards and try to make it on stage. I always want to cheer them on. You can't beat all this entertainment for just under $25.

Here are pictures of the show from some Flckr site.


JL said...

Well said! Would you believe that on Monday night no one got onto the stage?

Which was your favorite song of the night? Mine were Death of a Disco Dancer and Stretch Out and Wait.

V said...

Hey JL,

Definitely Stretch Out and Wait - That's one I haven't heard him sing live. Also, I'd pick Stop Me If You Think....

That's really a hard question to answer.. Death of a Disco Dancer was a nice pick too!

steve said...

Nice V! He'll be coming back here in November. Judging from you review, I may just go then, but I've been strapped for cas lately. Anyhow, hope you're feeling better!

Yuяi said...

Hey V,

Glad you went to the show! I've never been to a Moz show, but I'm sure he's quite the showman.

xolondon said...

He's here this week and apparently there are still seats, so now I am reconsidering! Thanks for this review.

Sounds like a new album is not far away!

V said...

Steve, I know what you mean. I wanted to go tonight as well. But oh well.

Yuri, he's an excellent performer, try seeing him sometime.

Hey XO - Do go! But songs may differ at every show. The night before I went, he performed "London" and I wish I had been there for that one!

Andrea said...

I saw him earlier this year, what a show that man put on. Nice to see you got the shirtless Moz in your pics. :)

I Am Not The Beatles said...

I am officially very very jealous.