Friday, October 05, 2007

Post-It Doodles No. 7

A doodle post. Honestly, these aren't "planned" drawings rather just done mindlessly as the days drag on. They're not meant to be "thought out" art or anything. But still, I like to share. For whatever reason.
I'll be spending the weekend trying to straighten things out at my apartment. I have lived in this apartment for a year now and even after a year, I still need stuff. It will get there, but I need to make some room first and make good use of the space with some sense. So I have to rearrange things.
I know I'm going to need more than one desk and I saw one at the IKEA website that's just perfect for me. I hope to be getting it soon. It's big enough to do some art work and put my computer & music stuff on it.
What else? The weather sucks. I for one am into seasons and I wish the seasons to change immediately. You guys, you got all that summer time between June and September but I want my fall weather! It's hot and humid out there. It just shouldn't be.


Mme. A. said...

I arrived here by chance the other day. Have been coming every day to see what is new. The funny thing is the amount of things I find I have in common with you. Go figure how these things happen.

I was updating my blog the other day, after long cold months of silence and decided to give Henry Miller a try (he always got me good pals on the internet) and clicked on his name in my profile. And there you were, one of the first to appear.

So, it was not totally by chance. There are things that made me arrive here. First, you're V. And, you know, Vi veri vniversvm vivvs vici. Then, the first post I saw was about Siouxsie and mentioned Marc Almond -- and he is my god. Third, your musical taste is awesome. And fourth, you live in NYC, a city that I love.

Besides all those reasons, I could spend a long time detailing what keeps me coming here. One of them would be the fact that you're thinking about buying a desk so that you can organize your stuff and I am thinking about the same thing. You've moved about a year ago but I did it fifteen days ago. Have two computers sitting in my living room, looking at my face, smirking and asking the day when they will be laid on a desk. And there is all the art material, my prized prismacolor pencils.

And I agree with you, I don't like the prismacolor pens either. Don't know what is it about them, they just don't work in my hands. Yeah, I'm moody like that. In order for me to write I need to have the perfect notebook and the perfect pen. If they don't go well together, forget it. I'll sit in front of both for hours and won't be able to squeeze a thing off my brain.

I was even working on a list, like the one you posted on your blog (7 things you don't know blah blah) and discovered you had one here. And, to make it final, the tarot cards.

All these things have have one of two meanings: I'm either more common than I thought or that we should become pals. Or, maybe a third one: I'm one of those crazy bitches that tends to read everything between the lines too much and too often and that wears a cone of aliminum paper over her head so the aliens don't steal her brain because the government is finding a way to take all the rest away.

Ha. I'll go now. Don't want to start sounding completely deranged. See, I said completely, not a little tiny bit.


V said...

Mme. Many thanks for making yourself known to me.

Henry Miller - What can I say? Quiet Days in Clichy - Paris of the 50s. Nice read.

No, I don't think you're that common. Highly unusual to have those interests lumped together like that. Maybe someone might like Marc Almond but have nothing to do with Tarot Cards. Or that they make art with those wonderful Prismacolor pencils but they don't read Henry Miller. :)

It's great that you made your way here. Looking forward to reading more from you. Meanwhile, I'll check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

You should see my apartment! Stuff everywhere! Anyway, the doodles look great! :) I bet that cleaning your apartment is like finding alot of lost treasures! *HUGS*

V said...

Thanks Angela - I did find a few things, mainly books.