Monday, October 08, 2007

A neo nebula from under the sun

Debbie's new album "Necessary Evil" comes out tomorrow. I will pick it up probably during lunch time at Border's and listen to it that night.

In the meantime, just got an e-mail from Live Nation that Ms. Harry will be performing at Irving Plaza on November 8. It will a nice place to see her as it's not such a big place.

The first time I saw Debbie live was in Phoenix in a place called After The Gold Rush. She was with Chris Stein so it wasn't all Debbie's songs. In fact the second number was Dreaming. The show was actually fantastic but that was ..gosh over 15 years ago. But I'm thinking this show might just be Debbie solo songs and I'm not holding my breath for any Blondie numbers. Should be interesting anyway. I know I've read a lot of bad reviews about her performance in True Colors and a lot of people even stated that because of that show, they will never see Debbie live. But I've seen her live in more than a few occasions, one being A&E's Live by Request where I was a lucky member of the audience and the performance was pretty good.

I'm posting the video for Sweet & Low. A song Debbie wrote about the late Andy Warhol and it's off the Def Dumb & Blonde record. Love how she looks in this video.


Dan said...

I picked up Necessary Evil off iTunes this morning and even though I've heard most of it prior to purchasing it, I'm liking it more now than I initially did. I think the first 9 songs or so are brilliant, but then it kind of falls apart. But it's still well worth listening to and very unexpected in so many ways as I figured we'd never get another solo record from her.

And as far as True Colors goes, the biggest mistake she made was playing so many unreleased songs. Especially when there were things like "I Want That Man", "I Can See Clearly" and "Backfired" to choose from. And one Blondie song wouldn't have killed her either.

V said...


I failed to pick up the CD today! So tomorrow.

I can totally understand about the True Colors event where she played mostly unreleased material. That seemed wrong. But as for the Blondie songs, I don't think Debbie likes to perform the Blondie stuff without her band. Because as the saying went and still goes, Blondie is STILL a band.

Remember when she was part of the whole VH1 Divas thing? She made VH1 include the rest of the band in order to play the Blondie material. Otherwise, she wasn't going to do it.

xolondon said...

I've never seen this video! Thanks!