Tuesday, October 02, 2007

All Supernova in a Big Bang fist

Siouxsie has joined the ranks of her old buddies like Marc Almond who has also turned 50 and Morrissey who has two more years to go. And She's done duets with both of them. No longer with the Banshees and no longer married to Budgie of Creatures fame, she is now just plain Siouxsie.

The album has gotten some really great reviews. I read on another review that this album is produced in part by the same producer as Goldfrapp's and there is hint of it in this release. Perhaps a duet with Alison in the future?

So Siouxsie burts all out all transformed in Into A Swan and then heads to the hard driving About To Happen. A clap along of sorts, you half expect Chrissy Hynde or Shirley Manson to join in on the choruses with Get up - Get out / Don't hang about / Get up - Get out.

is by far one of my favorite tracks next to Sea of Tranquility where she sings: There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand. Right!

They Follow You
is a little Goldfrapp in the way she sings it like a starlet of the 40s (?) Agree?

Some choice lyrics.

I remember everything
I can still recall the pain
I was left there for dead
Can't play this game again
To and fro and back again
I'm senseless - I'm doubtless

Dream of flight
In rocket ship
Piercing through
Lunar eclipse
If It Doesn't Kill you

Far up above - Up and away
Up in the ether of opal and grey
Biding out time at the end of a line
We're cast adrift on the doldrum shift
Drone Zone

At first I thought Drone Zone to be a little too screwy for me but it has grown on me.

Cool water
Washing over me
Wash away - Wash away
Clues of finger prints
Forensic traces
Footsteps on an ocean bed
Walk away
Sea of Tranquility

Sew up these eyes
Stitch up this smile
Embroidered tears
Drown the wishing well
They follow you - to sorrow you
They Follow You

I would catch a falling star
If you asked me to
But I can't seem to find one
To hold on to
Heaven and Alchemy

The first Banshees album I ever bought was Once Upon A Time - The Singles. It was around the same time Hyena (with Robert Smith) came out and while me and some friends were out shopping for records, I picked it up at the used bin section to buy it. My friend snatched it from my hands and put it back saying "I will not have you listen to this!" I had stupid friends like that. I obeyed. (why?) But you know I came back for it! After that, Tinderbox came out. And during that time I went out to Tower Records (RIP) and stood on a long line to get my Singles album autographed by Siouxsie and the band. My Singles record was a cut-out (those who know records know what I'm talking about) and I've often wondered if Ms. Sioux ever noticed it. But I was glad I now had an autographed copy of a Siouxsie record. The I went to see her perform for the first time at Radio City Music Hall. Before doing her first number (Cities in Dust), she came out on stage wearing this very elaborate Japanese cape of sorts. It was a great show. Got to see them again during the Seven Year Itch tour. I hope she tours the states with this album, I'd love to see her again.

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