Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alf too blogs

In "Who Are You" she writes:

I don’t feel comfortable with happiness.
It is a strange bed fellow.
I must address this immediately.
My favourite hen has gone missing. I fear the fox has eaten her.

Just sticking my head it to say allo and howdy-do.

Stumbled onto Alison's blog today and, you know, she's just like us. Blogging about happiness, chunky knit sweaters, her being labeled as an "80s singer", her holiday in France and apparently, a favorite pet hen. It's a good read as any blog and you can comment too. I must confess that beyond "Alf" in which a cassette tape release is my only possession of her solo material - I have not yet ventured onto anything more. And I should. I'm a grown-up now and the phases are over. Let's put them all in a pot and taste the brilliance. Music! Yum! And her voice has always been one of soulful and beautiful. By the way, don't try and google "Yaz", you will be disappointed.

Alison's blog.

Website Proper.


Yuяi said...

How in the heck does someone get to name a birth control pill after one of the best synth-pop duos of all time?? HMM?

Blasphemy, I tell ya! :)

steve said...

ha ha, I won't (google Yaz) then.

yeah, she's a fantastic singer and I was wondering if she also sang "Soviet Snow", a great tune if I recall.

Anyhow, thaks for the cards V! I really like the style in your work and was very glad to see you making some. Also thanks for the wc moleskine pages! I just ordered one for a friend I'll soon be visiting and it kills me to see it wrapped in plastic--i just wanna break it out and use it, which means I need to try one myself. In the meantime, glad you got the card safe and sound and so glad you like it. Have a great weekend man!

xolondon said...

Moyet has a decent hits CD. I can send you the best tracks from Hometime if you want them - the good ones are EXCELLENT.