Sunday, February 18, 2007

Visage - DVD video collection (edited)

Coincidences never cease to amaze me. Just after posting about the whole Blitz scene I found this Visage collection of videos at Virgin yesterday while out doing some browsing. Well, I did intend to get the one thing, but then you know how it goes. I could not resit buying this.

I just like the scene in which Steve walks out of the Limousine to enter his Blitz night club. The quality of the videos are surprisingly well done.

The videos are presented in a seamless fashion. One video leading to the next.

Beat Boy was not such a great album. It was their last release in 1984. Love Glove possibly being the only listenable track in that album. Visage ended there. I guess it was interesting that the later videos were filmed in Egypt and other parts of Africa and some excellent scenery and shots were taken there. Steve is seen interacting with the locals engaging the kids of Egypt to style their hair and whatnot. I guess if I was in Egypt and had all those amazing scenes to film, I'd incorporate them into the videos even if the song had nothing to do with it. What does Love Glove have to do with the pyramids of Egypt? But still interesting to see a flamboyant Steve Strange amidst the locals and villagers of the land.

Still, it's a good buy for any fan of early masters of the VISual AGE.

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