Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's just a day like any other day

I forgot my pod today. And I really needed some of those songs on the way to work. Today, of all days.

This has nothing to do with Valentines Day.

The weather decided to be extra crappy (I'm not surprised). Just that the thing is, I can no longer say I'm a thirty-something anymore. And I don't lie. Maybe the face could if I keep moisturising regularly.

This Friday I'm going to try and get discount ticket for Grey Gardens. Something I'm falling in love with and I'll write more about it soon. I despise most Broadway musicals, but I'm obsessed with these women and must see it. But, I can't really afford the $110.00 they're asking for orchestra seats. I guess I could go balcony. I don't know. I'll have to see tomorrow or Friday how I want to go about it.

I just felt a sudden jolt of joy and pleasure in thinking about all this. I hope it lasts the rest of the day.


xolondon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY V! I hope you DO go to the show. There is a Rufus W song called "Grey Gardens" by the way!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Have you bought your ticket?

steve said...

I know that feeling and recently am experiencing it, thinking about some upcoming concerts. Like the new blog look btw V.

V said...

Thanks, XO, I've heard of Rufus doing a song on Grety Gardens, but have yet to hear it. I didn't get to go to the show, but WILL.

Chaung, I didn't get the ticket yet. Probably will this week for next Saturday.

Hi Steve, so what upcoming concerts are you interested in? The blog look is generic at best but will personalize it shortly. I just wanted to update it to take adventage of all the new blogger features.

kilgorsky said...

I hear you. Ever since my MP3 player broke, the way to work feels weird and unproductive. I love listening to audiobooks.