Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Secret vs. What The Bleep Do We Know

You know for a long time I've been going on about the movie What The Bleep Do We Know. And now out comes The Secret. And because these guys appeared on Oprah, you know they're all gonna flock to it. I'd rather they see What The Bleep because it was enough. Deepak Chopra is enough or even Dr. Wayne Dyer. These guys are all talking about the same thing. These idiots with The Secret are talking about it as if they made up the stuff.

I'm not being fair because I haven't seen the movie they're trying to pull off to the public. Rather I just saw them on Oprah and I'm making a judgement based on that. That one guy that says "I call it intention.." Dude, you didn't call anything. And you didn't make that up so stop trying to make us believe that you're the genius behind all this. That one guy dressed up like he's some kind of guru. I couldn't watch the whole thing.

Anyway, I urge you that if you're interested in that sort of stuff, skip it and see What The Bleep Do We Know instead. It's only fair since they're the first people to make a movie out of it.


Ryan said...

Hi, you're right - all of the people & movies you're talking about are in a sense, about the same thing. However, I'd suggest you do see the movie 'The Secret' before making judgements on whether the folks *are* claiming to have "invented" this in any way. To be fair to them, I didn't sense this in any way. On the contrary, the message is much about "This is info that has always been available, but we're helping make it accesible". Of course, they've packaged & marketed it to sound a heck of lot more exciting & earth shaking than that :) .. but I guess one can't blame them for that. Also each of the people mentioned have their own self-help/success businesses and there is the tangential promotion for this (which is again fairly normal). Other than that, if you basically agree with the LoA/Intention philosophy, there's probably not much you'd find to disagree with ... if you actually saw the movie youself.

V said...

Thanks Ryan. I appreciate your thoughts. I re-read that post and wondered if that was actually written by a child. I called them idiots which wasn't fair. I guess it's the whole marketing of the thing that I'm despising, but then without it, I probably wouldn't have known about this stuff anyway.

I will give it a chance since I am interested in the whole Intention Philosophy.

Trinnyg said...

What I have found is that finally the "Secrets" are being promoted to the mass people. I like the idea of the secret as a lot of people would listen to the scientific stuff of What the Bleep and go huh. A lot of the healing for alternative healing practices teach the same idea that it is what you put out that you get back. I do remember that you get back what you put out is one of the main things taught in a lot of the earth based religions how is the message of the secret or what the bleep any different.