Sunday, February 25, 2007


Friday night and we're still celebrating. My friend D and a couple of other ladies took me to Max Brenner again and we actually had dinner before going towards chocolate pizzas and truffles. It was fantastic. After that we headed over to Madame X. You know how you pass a place so many times wondering what it's all about but never finding the reason to be in there? Anyway, one of D's friends was also celebrating a birthday so he was having his party over at this place. We went upstairs to a private area and saw a gang of young and mature people hanging out. There seemed to be a theme going on as a lot of people came in wearing wigs. Both boys and girls. We sat there observing the scene and I'm fine doing just that these days. We sat next to a beautiful Asian girl who was wearing a roaring 20s get-up complete with feathered headband. Turns out she was the entertainment which we missed. I think she said she was doing some tap dancing or some kind of dance. Now she had stationed herself in the corner as the resident tattoo artist. She painted D a fabulous sparkling tattoo on her arm. Met the birthday boy who had just turned 30. I told him how old I had just gotten and he said that it was a remarkable age and I was wondering how he'd know that. Anyway, had some fun and left and I have D to thank for it. Nights like this often make me forget a lot of crap that I usually think of and can actually live through the rest of the weekend feeling fine.

Came home just after midnight to find my light bubs in the living room were all blown up. This is the third time since I've moved here that I had to change the bubs. How often do you have to change your light bulbs? Not such an easy task as the ceiling is high and I have to get up on the chair to do it. By the way, my apartment still pretty much looks like I have just moved in and I'm now in my 6Th month! Time does not go by so slowly.


steve said...

Great pic V and glad you had fun. I don't think I've ever been to a place like the one you went to but it reminds me of when my friends and I would frequent the city often each weekend, checking out cool new hang out spots. As for the bulbs, that doesn't sound right. I'd definitely talk to your landlord about it. Good luck with setting up your pad. Just try taking it a little at a time. I know how overwhelming it can be, moving so much in the past decade.

V said...

Can't take credit for the pic, Steve. I grabbed it from the website. There are more pics there equally nice to check out. Madame X reminded me of a bar we went to while in London. I remember a man walking in and asking the bartender "Is this a normal bar?" Cracked us up!

I'm hoping that by the summer I can make this place to finally resemble a somewhat lived-in apartment.

xolondon said...

That's not your apartment in the picture? :)

Take some time to organize it - it will feel good!