Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Re-Issue, Re-Package, Re-Spend spend spend.

Yesterday I picked up the new Delerium but not without noticing the new Depeche Mode re-releases. So everyone is doing them now. Well, all of my favorite bands. At first we bought them on vinyl, and then we got a walkman and sometimes instead of making tapes of vinyls, we bought the tapes as well. Well, I was doing both or either. Sometimes, instead of the vinyl, I'd by the tape of new releases. Then the CDs came out and we started re-stocking most of our vinyls and tapes. The same music being bought over and over again because we love them so much. Things really got downhill though because some us had to leave our vinyl collections behind because we kept moving from place to place. So we looked and looked for that one record on CD (Secession anyone?) and could not find it. So now we are deprived of some of the music we loved listening to because of this technology to digitize music. Not everything you once had on vinyl is being released on CD.

Now music is available for download. So you don't even have to go to the store. And people are fine with listening to their digital downloads on their iPods even though it's far less quality than that of the vinyl! And even though mass producing CDS cost a hell of a lot less to do, it costs twice as much as what the vinyl records used to cost which require more machinery to make.

So now you've got all the CDs of all your favorite bands that you once had on vinyl and tape. But now, they're being re-mastered. And re-packaged with extra stuff. So the record that you bought for maybe $5.99 brand new is now $25.00.

So how much money have you invested on one release? The vinyl, the tape, the CD and the re-mastered, re-packaged CD?

I'm so tempted though. I think that "A Broken Frame" and "Some Great Reward" are one of DM's finest releases, and I would include "Construction Time Again" as well. Those three alone are the best DM stuff out there and off course I'm going to have to get the re-mastered versions. A lot of people vote for "Violator" but I have to be truthful here. I kind of lost it after "Music for the Masses." When "Violator" came out, I immediately recognized the whole "rock star" attitude that they were striving for at the time. Though I've stayed loyal, I've always wished they'd move on forwards rather than be just another rock band.


xolondon said...

You know you want em! :) The bonus short docs are quite good but I don't like how the extra songs are DVD only.

Newpeep, N.D. (neurotic depressive) said...

I'll download a song once in a while, but I'll seldom buy a CD anymore. Though I was obsessively into music when I was younger, lately it's just something I enjoy sometimes; I'm not passionate about it. I guess that's kind of sad.

Newpeep, N.D. (neurotic depressive) said...

Oh, and I wanted to say that I like the points you make regarding vinyl and CD's!

Anonymous said...

Although I'm a huge music fan, I never liked the idea of re-relises or "The best of..." type of thing. I may be wrong but I can't help thinking it's a nice way of making a quick buck. Unless, of course, it's a matter of re-issuing an album that's no longer available--if I'm making any sense.

Jörg said...

I competely follow your opinion on DM although for me Violator is the last of the classic DM. I have to admit that the new one is fine too.
Thanks for your comment on

steve said...

Great old pic V--is that Vince Clark back there? Yeah, I've noticed the reissues too and am still waiting some. I love "A Broken Frame" and "Violator" is a fantastic album, if not for "Enjoy the Silence".

The Cure are reissuing theirs too and I can't kep up. Tey just started into mu favorite Cure phase--the mid-t-late eighties albums--"Head on the Door", "Kiss me..", and soon 'Dissintegration" and "Wish". All that on top of so much great music coming out toay (been stocking up on the Merck Recordings catalogue before they close shop soon--ever hear of that label--some amazing, quality electronic stuff). Ugh, I need to win the lottery!!!