Friday, October 20, 2006

Goldfrapp at Roseland Ballroom 10/18/06

I went to Roseland Ballroom Wednesday night to see Goldfrapp. I brought my camera with me, but I guess either I didn't have the right settings or I was a bit too far from the stage, I could not get good shots. This was the best I could do, which may not do justice, but here it is.

I thought the show was great. She sounded great and looked great. Allison's voice is excellent live. The most memorable parts were of the back-up dancers that seemed to appear out of nowhere. They all wore some pretty weird outfits. Often in skin tights and weird head coverings. Ride a White Horse is where the dancers were wearing horse-heads and horse tails.

It was great to see band members actually playing the keyboards live for a change and not see them standing behind it pretending to play. One member alternated between playing electric violin and keys. He wore this flowy gown thing which appeared real interesting as he moved around the stange.

I'm not familiar with Felt Mountain, so anything she did from that album was lost to me, except that it sounded great and I'm probably going to get it along with a million other CDs that I want to get.

But all the songs you'd expect were done from Black Cherry and Supernature. By the way, the intro to the show was the classic disco song Supernature. Fitting, I thought. The show ended with off course Strict Machine. So all those that showed up because they saw a cell phone commercial were all happy to hear it.

The place was packed! So I also need to remind myself that when I go to a general admission show to stay in the back rather than in the middle. I had to deal with a lot of short girls who wanted to step in front of me and there was hardly any room at all. It got claustrophobic and uncomfortable after a while. Because I'm a little taller than average, I'm not supposed to be standing where I was (according to some audience members). Well, I don't remember reading that sign when I came in. Universal law? I don't know. Enjoy the sucky pictures.


Jack said...

I'm so jealous!

xolondon said...

OMG I didn't even know they were doing this show. GahhhhH!

As for that girl, maybe she was too short to live. You should've recommended she check out Randy Newman instead.

steve said...

Sweet. Looks like you're getting out to some good shows! Glad you brought your camera--the Ballroom looks like a great place for a concert.

V said...

Hey Jack, nice to "see" you!

xo - ha! She got no reason! BTW: Thanks again for getting me into the world of Goldfrapp.

Steve, yeah, good shows lately, but I think it's gonna be a while before I go to another one. I don't see any other instresting shows to check out.

kilgorsky said...

Another artist I'm not aware of.

I agree that acctually playing the instruments live is all I expect of musicians. I can't imagine walking out on the stage moving to the sampled versions of my music. It has to go down live.