Tuesday, October 10, 2006

plus good - doubleplus un-good

Rotten choices. Can someone guide me?

Well, that's all I'm going to say about it.

In the meantime .... The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight.

I think I've only known two people in my life that knew this song and the video. But more people should. It's fun, sexy and the music is pure mid-80s electro pop.

If you ever watched the movie "Parting Glances" with a very young Steve Buscemi, then you've heard a little bit of it. You've also heard some Bronski Beat in that movie as well.

I knew a boy named Randy. And when we met each other and were surrounded by the boring of the Arizona people, we would discuss these songs. He was from New Orleans. So we both knew the difference between being in a fun-filled city and a boring desert. Randy and I would simultaneously laugh at the same things. Instantly. We both "got" the joke at the same time without even saying it. I miss Randy. He's not with us anymore. Seems like a lot of people who "get" me is no longer with us. What's up with that anyway?

Randy passed away from AIDS back in the early 90s. Our last time together was spent going to a Book of Love concert where we had such a great time.

Sorry to bring it down and I wasn't supposed to do that here - But this song just reminds me of him so much.

Looking forward to this Saturday's show. The Pet Shop Boys. I will finally see them live. Plusgood - doubleplus good!

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xolondon said...

HOW did this song miss me in the 80's. I pride myself on this sh*t! :)

I am sorry to read about your lost friend. I think often of a few people I knew who died of AIDS and I feel sad and then I feel sort of aghast at life. I think about how we are raised with this information that good children are rewarded and how totally bogus that is. How it just sets us up for disappointment!