Sunday, October 15, 2006

They are STILL the Pet Shop Boys (Live Radio City Music Hall 10/14/06) Edited

or "There are no more lovers left alive - No one has survived"

It was a night of nostalgia, camp, gayness and lots of hats.

This was the first concert that I went to that had a 20 minute intermission.

After the intro they went right into psychological. And there was a couch on the stage. The boys entered the stage through video screens made of cubes. During the show, they would be re-assembled to many different widths and arrangements. With just a couple of dancers and back up singers, the Boys put on a pretty good show.

I always thought Neil to be the kind of performer who just stood there and sang, but he was moving and dancing around quite a bit. When he told the audience how "fabulous" we were, I thought they would break into AbFab, but no dice. That would have been nice though, with Pattsy & Edina appearing as special guests. Or even some lookalikes.

I liked seeing the audience just sitting there during the first number, then when they got into the 2nd number - that being Left To My Own Devices, everyone stood and started shaking it up a bit.

I thought Minimal sounded a bit weak and I'm With Stupid didn't quite stir the crowd up as I thought it would. Neither did Integral. I think a lot of people went to this show for the nostalgia. You knew that right away when West End Girls was being performed.

If I can remember a moment of sadness during the show, I wouldn't say that it was when they performed Numb (right after intermission) but when they did the song Dreaming of The Queen off of Very. The backdrop was changed to show a video (on a loop) of Princess Diana's funeral.

Can't add anymore other than the fact that I enjoyed the show. It was the first time ever seeing them.

Here's the setlist:

- God Willing/Psychological/Left To My Own Devices
- I'm With Stupid
- Suburbia
- Can You Forgive Her?
- Minimal/Shopping
- Rent
- Dreaming Of The Queen
- Heart
- Opportunities(Let's Make Lots Of Money)/Integral


- Numb
- Se A Vide E/Domino Dancing
- Flamboyant
- Home And Dry
- Always On My Mind
- Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You)
- West End Girls
- The Sodom And Gomorrah Show


- So Hard/It's A Sin
- Go West

Interesting that nothing from the album Nightlife was performed. Not even New York City Boy.

Some songs I wished that had done:

I Want a Lover, Love Comes Quickly, Paninaro, I'm Not Scared, Miracles, Fugitive, The Resurrectionist, Tonight is Forever, Yesterday When I Was Mad.

I wanted to add that Tennant's voice was top notch and sounded real good live.

Someone asked me about the show today which made me go back and re-edit some of this post. Hoping that most of you are reading this for the first time!

It made me realize and think how much fun the whole experiance was. The colors, and the whole "party" type athmosphere that they presented. It was as if the Boys were having a party and you were invited to join.

Hay una discoteca por aqui?


Andrea said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! *jealous*

steve said...

Yeah, a friend of mine just went to the DC show and said how cool it was with the cubes and all. I would have went but i thought it was too expensive.

I like how their music and lyrics can be interpreted in different ways. It's great that they did stuff from Introspective too! "Dreaming of the Queen" is always a sad song and yeah, how cool would it have been to hear stuff like "I'm Not Scared"--love the atmosphere of that song. Anyhow, glad you had a good time V!

V said...

Hey Andrea, it was a lot of fun!

It would have been totally cool if they had done "I'm Not Scared" as it's one of my all time favorites. The more I think about this concert, the more I think how much fun it was. Could I be having more fun remembering this rather than actually being there? I don't know. :)

Newpeep, N.D. (neurotic depressive) said...

I *love* the song "Love Comes Quickly"! Love it.

xolondon said...

I finally read this - had to wait until after i had written mine. I am SO GLAD i attended this show. Another box I can tick off on my "Things to Do While Still Alive" list.

I have a song to send you...

xolondon said...

PS Newpeep should check my review for a lovely remix of Love Comes Quickly