Thursday, September 28, 2006

At the Movies: The Science of Sleep

I made a suggestion to see this movie to a friend last Friday and it created a chain reaction where an entire group of people got involved. Well, the reason being is that one of our acquaintances has a small part in it. Not in acting, but in voice-over. So last night we all got together at the Angelika to watch this movie.

It's about a young man (Stephane) who lets his dreams control his life. Because lets face it, reality sucks sometimes. The film is full of some hilarious dream sequences. Things really pick up with Stephane meets Stephanie. She's not very attractive, but when Stephane sees the crafty side of Stephanie, sparks emerge. Stephanie makes things with her hands and so does Stephane (note his inventions, the 3d glasses which lets you view life in 3D, a time machine and bringing to "life" a horse made of felt wool.)

I recommend this movie to anyone who is bored with the everyday mundane and uses imagination to escape. Where fantasy rules and where reality is as far away as the moon. I guarantee a lot of laughs and maybe a tear or two (if you're not made of wood.)


steve said...

Wow, thanks for the reccomendation V! This looks like a fil I would definitely enjoy. Must add it to my ever growing list.

V said...

Great! Let us know how you liked it.