Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Opportunity of a lifetime.

Where could this be? It's a *little* cold. a lot of wind. Some dust storms. No trees or rattlesnakes to bite me. I would love to stand here a bit and meditate. Nobody would bother me. I'd like to lie down here and watch the wispy clouds go by. The air here is very thin. This is no desert on Earth.

This is actually a photo taken by Opportunity Robot. The luckiest machine that ever existed who just hangs around the red sands of Mars observing, making tests and taking pictures. Courtesy of the fantastic website Astronomy Picture of The Day.


steve said...

What a gorgeous panaramic photo. I'll bet the looks are deceiving here, as I'm sure it's an extremely hostile environment. Speaking of meditation, it's something I've been meaning to take up. Do you do any V?

V said...

Ho weird. Me and my close friend just last night talked about methods of meditation as I also brought up the topic of starting the meditation process.

It's been said and stressed srongly that it's the most important thing you can do for yourself.

We totally should make it part of our daily routines.

My friend told me to not close your eyes and to look down with your back straight and count your breath.

steve said...

Yeah, I've been reading more and more good things about it. A recent "Psychology Today" article had a big write up about meditation and the benifits, both mental and physical. If only I could get myself to sit down and try it once in a while. I'd love to make a habit out of it eventually.