Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Satellite - Cover Songs

Sometime ago I posted about a Chicago based synth artist by the name of I SATELLITE. I was checking out his website recently and noticed he's got page with cover versions of some cool stuff out there. You can download them from his site. The mp3s are towards the bottom of the page.

Songs include:

  • Alphaville - Into The Dark
  • Alphaville - A Victory of Love
  • ABBA - I Am The City
  • New Order - Your Silent Face
  • Japan - Life In Tokyo (two versions)
I was very impressed with his version of Alphaville's A Victory of Love and New Order's Your Silent Face (a favorite NO song!) He sounds like Marian Gold as well as Bernard Sumner.

Good stuff. You should check it out.


steve said...

Oh yeah, 'Your Silent face" IS my favorite NO song! I should download these then. hey, I just got some tunes on discs for ya, as well as a dvd recording of some old, classic and twisted/funny Severed Heads videos which should play well on your computer. Expect a package soon.

V said...

Great Steve! I look forward to it.

Great NO album that one. I also love The Age of Consent and 5 8 6 from that same album.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I will V.

Thanks for the heads up!