Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Recently I did a search for I don't know what and came upon the site of this band I Satellite.

I SATELLITE make retro futurist electronic pop music inspired by the music and sounds from the golden era of analog synthesizers, the late 70's and early 80's, using vintage analog synths and drum machines for all sounds and textures. No computers are used whatsoever.

So if you're into the whole "Electroclash" genre, this band is definitely a must. I sampled some of the tracks and I'll be getting their CD. They only seem to have one full length CD titled "AUTO:MATIC" which was released in 2003. But you should check out the website. I like the black & white imagery of space and fantasy fururistic pictures. Also an impressive list of the gear that they use. I use the term "they" but I think it's only the one guy, Rod. Living in Detroit. Read the blog entries where he sometimes gets personal like the death of his brother. His list of influences are quite the same as mine (and probably yours too since he's got quite a list.) He's really into John Foxx. I can't believe anyone mentioning Fruer, but there it is. (Fruer I think released only one album with the singles "Doot-Doot" and "Riders In The Night.") And he uses only analog gear to record with. No computers. I applaud that.

I don't know how he'd feel about me using the term "Electroclash" to describe the sound, but it's the best I can come up with describing his music.


Webgrl said...

I am totally gonna check this out!! Thanks for the cool writeup here V!

V said...

You're totally welcome, webfrl - and thanks for comming by.

V said...

grrr - I meant webgrl.

steve said...

Looks like a cool find V. Freur actually was the band Underworld before Underworld began! I don't know if you liked that Junior Boys cd I burnt ya, but that duo (from canada) has a very retro synth sound, but very modern too. Unfortunately the production half of the duo, Johnny Dark, has since left and just put out a solo release. The good new is their new album is out (haven't bought it yet) and like the first, is getting reviews like "album of the year". Anyhow, looks like a cool find--will check it out!

PS--The new blog look is the best yet

V said...

Cool Steve! Thanks for the info about Fruer or Freur. I could never get that right. Yeah I remember the Junior Boys CD you sent me and I do remember liking them. Now if I can only find it among all the boxes still left to unpack. If you get that new release, post about it.

Thanks for commenting on the blog look.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Have you listened to John Foxx?

When I was in the UK, I bought over 10 John Foxx CDs at one go!

V said...

I've heard some of Foxx's work but to date I don't own any of his full length albums. Wow - 10 Foxx Cds all in one go! But I know exactly where you're coming from. When I was in London, I did a lot of music shopping myself. Found a DAF cd here and an X-Mal Deutchland CD there - I'd go to London just for the music alone!

Can you recomend a good John Foxx release? I know it's all according to taste, but I'd like to know which you prefer to be the strongest. Since You have them all. :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

There are now two compilations.

'Modern Art' is a collection of singles with some tracks from later albums which haven't got singles.

'Assembly' is a collection of the best tracks from the first four albums from the late 70s to the mid-80s.

I would recommend 'Assembly' because of the sheer beauty of the pieces chosen as representative of his work.

For the ambient CDs, I don't know how to speak for them. They are simply ambient affairs.

I would avoid the first three Ultravox! albums (mostly written by Foxx). It's just me. They are not very electronic.

For the stuff from 1997 onwards, any of the CDs with Louis Gordon would do. 'The Pleasures of Electricity', 'Crash and Burn', 'Shifting City'.

The concert albums are great too.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

If you like Kraftwerk and early analogue synths, Foxx may be up your alley.

Strangely enough, his work doesn't sound dated in my ears.

V said...

Thanks for all the info. I'll have to get that one along with "The Best of Electronic" Hopefully this weekend I can get some CD shopping done.