Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Class of 1984

TGIF! TGIF! And it's a three-day weekend for me. I'm so excited I can just spit!
Who remembers this movie? Did you see it? I went to see this twice when it came out. I had a "crush" on that wild chick. Every Male Mo in the world loves a bad girl with an attitude. I'm sure if I see it today, I might be a little embarrased that I loved this flick so much that I drew that bad-ass punk chicky a thousand times over in class. I guess I just loved that outfit she had on. I had a pretty big punk fascination at the time though the only band I was listening to was Blondie.
I may have to rent this movie this weekend to refresh my memory of it. The reason why I thought of this movie is because every time I pass by my old school on the way to work, these memories keep flooding in and each day I pass by, I get a "remember this?" thought into my brain.
Next stop - Videodrome starring Debbie Harry herself.

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