Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker

Over the weekend I got the new Skinny Puppy CD - Mythmaker. I've been listening to it since.

The album begins with signature Ogre's vocoded voice titled "Magnifishit" a great opening track.

The whole album is a great deal of Skinny Puppy coming back in full force. My opinion is that The Greater Wrong of Right though a good release does not have that "we're back" feeling. Whereas Mythmaker is saying "We're really back!" Just hearing that opening track with Ogre's signature vocoder voice put a near smile on my face. I thought "finally" a kick-ass beginning. No slow build-up or anything. At each level, the opening track builds to a good dose of synth sounds echoing in stereophonic pleasure. I started thinking to myself that maybe this is as good as it gets, the next song might disappoint me. But it didn't and I enjoy listening to the entire album. I think Puppy's release Last Rights was the first time they began incorporating more melodic elements into their song and you'll find some of that in Mythmaker as well. I like the melodic beginnings and angry harsh choruses in some of their songs.

I have yet to venture out to all the side projects that Ogre and the rest have been involved with. To date, I have some old releases. One from Download, Cyberaktif, and the single Doubting Thomas.


steve said...

Niiiice!! I've been wanting to pick this up V! I agree, I liked "Greater Wrong..." lots but was hoping for a better release. I still think with Dwayne Goettel gone (R.I.P), some of the mysteryous sould is missing from the band, kind of like when Alan Wilder left DM, it never seemed the same, or as good at least.

You have the Cyberaktif cd too--love that one!! It's one of my faveorite Halloween cds actually, and I love the sample at the end from the film "Videodrone"--"See Ya in Pittsburgh"-followed by an explosion. Good stuff. I had Doubting Thomas on cassette--can't seem to find it though--alright stuff from what i recall.

Anyhow, glad to hear they're in top form again. their last tour was incredible, though, like the latest Front 242 live dvd, their live dvd didn't do them justice. being at the actual shows was far better (and to think I waited nearly half my life to finally see 'em both, and for that matter, still enthusiastically listen to both groups for the past half my life).

fave Puppy cds--"VIVI SECT VI" (1988), "Too Dark Park"(1990), "Bytes" (1983), "Cleanse, Fold, and Manipulate"(1987)--love all their stuff really.

V said...

Not to say that this is the SP of old. It's definitely a new direction but one that I like a lot in this album.

I have the Cyberaktiff on tape. But I do have a CD single of theirs as well. You know Front 242 also sampled from Videodrome. "You know.. I sure know you.. Every one of you.." from Masterhit.

Have not had a chance to see SP on stage yet. Maybe this year when they start touring. My only SP live experiance is getting the live video for "Aint it Dead Yet." I bought that togehter with Ministry's live video "In case you did'nt feel like showing up."

"Remission" was good too. I think it came right after "Bites." They followed up by releasing both those albums on one CD "Bytes & Remission."

V said...

That Videodrom quote should have started with "You know me.."