Monday, September 11, 2006

What's Cooking?

This is a first for me.

For the first time I went into a bookstore and headed for the cooking section. Last weekend I went to Macy's and bought one of those 10 piece cooking sets because now that I have a decent kitchen, I can cook in comfort. I never really did much cooking and the only things I made were the usual pasta and rice dishes and sometimes stir-fry. But I'm painfully making a transition from vegetarian to vegan. That's where the books come in. It's incredibly difficult to be vegan. Giving up dairy is a major step. Think of life without cheese! It's nearly impossible. But there are alternatives to most dairy products and the books will help put it together because I have no idea. These are some of the recipes from "The New Vegetarian": Soba with Green Soybeans, Cumin-roasted Sweet Potatoes and Moroccan Chickpea Casserole. Sounds great.

So the idea is to stop eating out ALL the time. Bring to work my lunch that I've prepared because all that stuff you eat out there has way too many additives and that's just not healthy. I don't know that we can cut back 100% but cutting half of all that crap is good to.

Like my tablecloth? Kinda foofy, isn't it.


xolondon said...

My God it's a whole new you. Woot! Congrats on the new blog - great name!

V said...

Thanks Xo! Glad to see you in my "new home" :)

steve said...

Good for you man. I sooo need to start cooking more myself as well. You would love the Sunflower Chinese vegetarian restaraunt they have out here--actually musch of it is totally vegan and extremely healthy and nutritious.

V said...

Sounds good. We'll have to once I visit there. There are bunch here too but have not tried them yet. I know I've tried a few spicy tofu Thai dishes here and I've always like them.

kilgorsky said...

I have a studet who's vegan. He invited me to dinner he'd cooked this summer and it was excellent.