Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hydrostatic Equilibrium

It's a "working" template. I'm not sure if I'll stick to it but this will do for now.

The title: Basically it is what keeps the sun "together." Gravity pulls everything in while the fusion of hydrogen to helium releases energy. Without gravity, the sun pulls apart. Without fusion we have no energy. Something to that effect.

I'm not in any way an expert on Astrophysics. The study of the Cosmos is a continuing interest of mine beginning with a fascination to Astronomy. It's just my adventure in understand where we come from and how everything works even at the subatomic level.

But this blog is not just about that. My main interests are at music, art, culture and science. So it's a little of everything.

Additional info will be added as time goes by such a links to other blogs and sites.

Anyway, glad you're here.


kilgorsky said...

Hey V, I never have the time to check out the new Blogger. What are your impressions as far as user friedliness goes?

V said...

Hey Kil - I had to resort to opening a new blogger account for this blog. I'm not using the new beta blogger for this right now. But will switch once everyone else does and they've sorted everything out. At the moment, if you switch to beta blogger, you won't be able to post comments. If they have "other" and "anonymous" switched off, you can't comment, which is why I had to open a new account so I can go back to making comments on other blogs.

But on my other blog, I did switch and I've noticed a few nice things. Your entry is posted REAL fast and a much improved and impressive spell checker is added. And I think soon to come is a much better managment of images and such.

steve said...

hey V!!! looking good man--congrats on the new blog and looking forward to what's in store.

V said...

Hey Steve - I'm not so in love with this layout. Might change it again.

eric said...

study of the cosmos?

i need someone like you to make sure i get my science right.


kilgorsky said...

V, I visited a beta blog and couldn't comment. Now I know why.