Monday, September 17, 2007


The Astrona blog is a great place to see some fantastic space art (if you're into that sort of thing.) I myself love it, like this picture painted by Andrew C. Stewart. There are some great works of art depicting scenes of space, planets, planetary landscapes, spaceships, alien civilizations, space colonies, robots and more. Some are old, some are new and most seem to be done digitally. But they're all fantastic and I'm glad someone is devoting a blog to this genre of art. Check it out. Thank you.


Allan S. said...

Wow thanks for this link. I also appreciate this genre of art.

V said...

Thanks for dropping by Allan. It's a great site!

Astrona said...

Hello V, thanks for this post! I don’t have a blogroll yet, but when I do, I’ll add. Your blog is great.