Sunday, September 02, 2007

Secession - Touch

80's Synth-Pop band Secession performing "Touch" on BBC's Oxford Road Show.

You could call them the one-hit wonder with this song. It became popular enough to be covered by another singer, which I can't recall at the moment. From what I remember it wasn't close to being good as the original. With a couple of 12" records released and only one album titled "A Dark Enchantment," they disappeared and went into 80s synth-pop heaven never to be heard from again.

I had been on the lookout for this album on CD for quite sometime and never found it. I gave up on it eventually until a thoughtful popster-blogger friend pointed me to the right direction and then I was in nostalgia heaven. So I looked to see if they had any videos out and this was the only thing out there.

You don't get to see the members much other than the vocalist. But this is more for the sound rather than the vision.


xolondon said...

I can't see the video, so I will check on youtube for it.

That Secession was a bit of a FIND wasn't it!?

steve said...

Good stuff V, shame it's so hard to find. I'm reminded a bit of "Postcards From paradise" from Flesh for Lulu.

V said...

Indeed it was, XO! :)

Glad you liked it, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Great video I had never heard of them either. Ya learn something new everyday! :)

V said...

Glad you enjoyed it Angela.

I Am Not The Beatles said...


I have just posted about this band too - and found a quite interesting Nirvana connection. Thought you may be interested :

Great blog, take care

Ian TB

Mat Ryan said...

I saw a list of band members of Secession on Wikipedia, but I thought that RichaRD wILLAN WAS ALSO A MEMBER OF THIS BAND