Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Front 242 "First Moments"

I got the e-mail with the link for the files a couple of days ago and surprised that it was a torrent link. Well, whatever. It didn't matter to me. What I was expecting, though was two NEW F242 songs. One of them was probably called "First Moments." I was surprised after unzipping the files that they were in fact live versions of "U-Men" and "Im Rhythmus Blieben." My first reaction was, WTF. But then I got over it, listened to the two AWESOME live tracks and was satisfied with it. They were free downloads and the point of the thing was that they wanted you to determine different quality mp3s. I would not pay a cent for any mp3 that was less than 360kbps. I oped for the Apple lossless download. I have listened to these tracks quite a bit since I downloaded them. They are from a recent live show and I hope I get to seem them perform these songs again. Especially "U-Men." It's not disappointing if you're a huge F242 fan. I definitely appreciate the free stuff and the point they are trying to make. But on Side-Line's comment section to this, there were a lot of negative talk. Eh, kids today.

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