Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Cure at MSG 6/20/2008

It's always fun to see a Cure show. They play for three hours and cover a lot of material from their back catalog. There was this moment of uplift when they played these blocks of songs that consisted of Feels Like Heaven, In Between Days, Friday I'm in Love, and Push. Then there was this whole other part where they did songs like Shake Dog Shake, One Hundred Years, Primary. Then there was all the encore songs that was the best. Boys Don't Cry, 10:15 Saturday Night, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Killing an Arab. Pictures of You brought a lot of cheer from the crowd and on a lot of the songs, you can hear the crowd singing along.

I wish I had known earlier that The Fuse network was filming the whole thing and showed two hours of it last night from 11PM to 1AM. It was already over by the time I got home and I don't know if they'll air it again. If they do I'll post the info. It really was great show and I'm glad I held on to the ticket from past September 2007 when they had postponed this show.

They did pretty good with the stage. The light show was pretty amazing and the visual backdrops were great too.

Picture credit goes to JLBNYC. Check the Flickr site for more pictures of this show.

Here's something from YouTube from last night: The Cure doing Baby Rag Dog Book.


steve said...

Hello V! Hope you're doing well these days--i missed ya. Hey, the Cure show was excellent, huh? I was so thoroughly blown away by their concert last month-they far surpassed my expectations! This description sounds very similar to the show in VA recently. I'm hoping to get some of those remastered sets soon, and I guess they have a 2005 live dvd out as well, similar to this tour. My one small complaint was the keyboards missing. They tried to duplicate some of those melodies and atmospheres, and did pretty well, but it just wasn't the same. Still, Robert and co. definitely gave fans their money's worth. Take care V and glad you went!

V said...

Hey Steve, thanks for stoppin' by. Yeah I forgot to mention that the whole keyboard element was missing from the show and I agree that they did a fine job with replacing some of those parts with guitars but it wasn't the same. Thinking back, it was such a great show. Next to Moz, I think it was the best show I've been to for a while. The time just flew by. I only have one of the remasters (the first one). It's worth it cause they load it up with a lot of extra stuff.

xolondon said...

Good show or not, that man needs a new look! He sort of looks like the guy in Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Leatherface?

Said with love, of course!