Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blondie facts

From Chris Stein (taken from news)

1. First ever Video album released for "Eat to the beat" in 1980

2. First American #1 New Wave single "Heart of Glass"

3. First #1 Rap single in America "Rapture"

4. First reggae #1 single in America "The tide is high"

5. Oldest woman in rock with a #1 hit, when "Maria" debuted at #1 in 1999 in the UK

6. Parallel Lines sold sold over 20 million copies

7. Blondie has 4 American #1 singles and 7 in the UK

8. Blondie are the biggest selling american band in the UK Singles chart of all time

9. The single "Rapture" has been a Top Ten Dance single on the Billboard Dance charts in the 80's/90's/00's, 3 consecutive decades

10. Blondie appear on more soundtracks and compilation albums than any other artist in rock.

11. "Call Me" was the #1 single of 1980 in America on Billboard

lets also not forget what is kind of my favorite: blondie the only band besides the Beatles to have a back to back #1 and 2 on WABC in i guess 1981... rapture bumped tide from the top spot

WABC was the biggest NYC rock radio station for a long time now gone
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Dan said...

I always forget how much I love Blondie and Debbie. I don't really have any of their early albums (I do have No Exit & The Curse of Blondie) but instead have the 2-disc Platinum Collection which collates quite a few of their hits and album tracks.

I always remember that there would be no Madonna had there not been a Debbie Harry.

Yuяi said...


First LP I bought (showing my age here): Parallel Lines!

Yuяi said...

err..I meant to say I bought it in 1983! D'oh! (not in '78!)