Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No Cure! (well, not for a while anyway)

The Cure have pulled the plug on all North American tour dates for Sept/Oct., so if you got 'em, either hold on to it or get a refund.

It seems time is needed to finish up their new double album and want to include some new numbers to the set. I for one won't mind if it was all classic Cure songs. Details on their official site. Besides the recent Greatest Hits CD, the last Cure album I bought was Wild Mood Swings.

Well, I don't have anything more to add. So here's a set list of songs that they performed the very first time I saw them back in November 1, 1985 at Radio City Music Hall. The very next evening we went to see Simple Minds on the same stage with Shriekback opening. Remember them? They had that one hit called Nemesis. What I liked about this Cure Show was that they didn't have an opening band and there were no stage props or anything. They just came out and played. Very loud, from what I remember.
  • baby screams
  • play for today
  • kyoto song
  • primary
  • hanging garden
  • cold
  • a night like this
  • inbetween days
  • let's go to bed
  • the walk
  • push
  • screw
  • one hundred years
  • a forest
  • sinking
  • six different ways
  • charlotte sometimes
  • three imaginary boys
  • boys don't cry
  • 10:15 saturday night
  • killing an arab
  • do you wanna touch
I got it from this site here.

The last time I saw them was in the mid 90s. It was actually a freebie. The company I worked for owned a box at the venue and agreed to give us some tickets for the show. Fun, but annoying because we were sharing the box with a bunch of idiots who weren't fans and were just there to be at the box and hang out and drink beer. The show was fantastic though.

Here's a pretty decent live version of "A Forest." off of 17 Seconds.

I think the most listened to of all Cure albums for me were 17 Seconds and Faith. And after that, probably Pornography. No surprising as they were really mellow and downbeat apart from a few numbers like Play for Today and Primary. The two were so much alike that they combined them both together and released it as a double LP called "Happily Ever After."

I guess I did have more to add.


Yuяi said...

I got into the Cure with the Disintegration album, which I played to death! I like the older stuff too. I bet they'd be great to see live.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

well, standing on the beach was one of the most played compilations i have ever listened too. and i have 3 versions (mp3, tape, cd) ha! i only lack the vinyl.. tho i dont have a player anyway.

and a coincidence. haha im currently listening to the cure-sounding band "the essence" some hate them for it tho, i love both!

btw saw your link thru comments when i was blog hopping IF posts. got curious with "v". glad i clicked thru.. 8)

xolondon said...

They're doing a double album?! Wow! Brave in this day and age, but I guess the know that fans will support them.