Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Track: "Voyager"

New track from Gravity & Fusion titled "Voyager."

Basically, I just turned on my equipment and hit the global record button and went with it. I did not use a sequencer and all sounds are from the Roland Juno.

I actually felt it to be a little incomplete, but try as I may, I did not find anything more to add to it. The entire piece contains just five tracks. But I feel I have made the point of using less. Space is VERY empty!

The inspiration for this piece is Voyager's travels out into space. It's travels to the planets and beyond. I think the end of the piece suggests that after Voyager leaves the edges of our outer solar system, it enters deep space where it's mostly empty. And so the single note lingers for a while until the piece is finished.

I hope you enjoy it.

Link to SendSpace: Voyager


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Space is very interesting to me.

V said...

Thank you, Angela.

xolondon said...

That song is very big sounding! Very monolithic yet moody. Sort of reminds me of the work Morodor did for the Cat People soundtrack, which I hope you know!

I like the choral effect on here too. Arcadia could've used this on So Red The Rose. :)

V said...

Thanks, XO for listening! I really appreciate it. What can I say when I'm being compared to some of the greats. Both Moroder and Arcadia! I know that Nick used a lot of Roaland synths in all his recordings. :)

steve said...

Great stuff V! I really like the pacing going on in your tune. Can't believe I somehow missed this at yopu blog last time i stopped by.

And Arcadia, huh? Some great songs on that release--"Goodbye is Forever" and "Reelection day" to name a couple of the more well known ones. Just got the cd a coiple of months ago, remastered version I think. I'll need to check it out some more.

Have a great weekend V!