Thursday, July 26, 2007

8 Random Facts

I have been tagged by Steve to do an "8 random facts" about me, so here it goes.

1. first, post these rules
2. post 8 random facts about yourself
3. write a blogspot about those facts
4. tag and name 8 more bloggers
5. tell them that they're tagged at their blog

Fact 1: I worked at the Underground at New York City's Union Square during the summer of 87.

For a time, I was obsessed with the movie Liquid Sky. Watched it constantly. I think I was attracted to the visuals. It was movie with a lot of bad acting. The kind that made you laugh even though the characters were trying to be serious. There was a scene during the end of the movie where Margaret, after killing Adrien by having sex with her, goes out to this nightclub where she looks for the junky that raped her earlier: "I've done more Quaaludes than you have aspirin, now where's the cocaine?!" - Anyway, the scene is full 80s night club appeal. During the summer of 87, I was living in New York with a bunch of people in a studio apartment. I got hired as a busboy/bar-back at the Underground and the first night I observed the the lights and the scene and realized that this was the exact club that the scene in Liquid Sky was filmed. I just think it aerie that I'd end up working there after being so obsessed with the movie. Power of Intention? I don't know. The Underground night club is now a Pet Smart. Oh well.

Fact 2: I got the chance to go backstage at one of the most memorable concerts of my life in 1986.

I won't mention the band. If there were anyone that knew me from before and was reading this, they'd roll their eyes and say "oh not this again, what an egotistical bitch!" Anyway, a friend of a friend knew the bodyguard to this band and offered a couple of backstage tickets to the show. My friend was offered this ticket but wanted me to go instead who knew how much the band meant to me at the time. Nice, right? I'll remember you always. After an amazing show, I went backstage into this little room and had the most strange feeling being in the presence of my musical idols. And they did not disappoint me one bit. Each and every one of them were so friendly. But being so awkward and painfully shy, I didn't get to use this opportunity to its full potential. But still, it may be the only highlight of my life that this actually happened. After backstage, there was an after show party and I met up with the opening band who were just as friendly and would always remember me at every show. When I moved to Arizona, I was actually contacted on the phone by one of the members to come to the show and allow me and my friends to go backstage with them. Power of Intention? I don't know but I don't have much stories that are as exciting to me as these and there's always that risk of people thinking you are showing off when all you want to tell is a story. Oh well. 1986, magical year.

Fact 3: Debbie Harry and how I met her.

It's no secret that I have a special love for Debbie Harry and Blondie ever since the first time I saw the video to the song Heart of Glass on Solid Gold 79. After being in New York the second time around, Blondie had decided to reform and put out a new album about 14 years after their last recording. So I read somewhere that they were doing a show at Town Hall. I went to all ticket sales places (remember when you can buy tickets at record stores like Tower Records?) Anyway, I was disappointed to find out there there are no tickets for sale for that particular show and I wanted so much to see this reunion show. Apparently, I found out later that this was a VH1 concert to be taped at the Town Hall and they weren't selling tickets in the usual way. I didn't know how they were going about getting fans to the show, so it was a no-go for me. So with my head down, I went up the street to turn the corner and go into Barnes & Noble to do some book browsing. There I saw a sign saying "Meet Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie!" They were there sign autographs to the book "Making Tracks, the Rise of Blondie." So quickly I went inside, bought the book and got on the line with all other fans. I came face to face with Debbie for the first time and told her how much I loved her and she signed my book. Is it going to annoy you if I again ask whether this is the Power of Intention? Too bad. Many years later a friend of mine invited me to a small screening to a short flick and guess who starred in it? And guess who was at the screening? Nice. But I didn't talk to her then. Just didn't want to invade in that way.

Fact 4: I was a dancer that once stopped traffic.

So the story goes as told by my mother and it embarrasses me to tell the story but who's reading anyway? When I was just a wee one, I loved to dance and by the way, I don't remember this so I must have been quite young. The story is that I went out in the streets and began dancing right in front of the cars. Cars had to stop because there was a child in the street.... dancing. And it seemed that I wasn't going to leave the street anytime soon, so, what did drivers do? They stopped their engines and just began enjoying the show. That is until my mother realized what was going on and pulled me away. Traffic resumed after that and my dancing career was over then.

Fact 5: I wanted to learn piano

I showed interest in art and learning the piano and apparently dancing at a very young age. But my parents had no interest in this so they never granted me my wishes for learning the piano. My father would often make fun of me for wanting to play . My brother on the other hand who is just four years older got his hands on an acoustic guitar, lessons and later an electric one. Well, he wanted to impress girls and that was alright by my dad. So I waited until I could get a job so I can buy me a keyboard. And since then I've been self thought on playing music on the keyboard and have recorded many musical pieces. So, stick it dad!

Fact 6: I've always wanted to live.

Yes it's true, but for some reason, the world is opposed to this and at times I learn the harsh truth of reality that the living is only for the extremely talented and the beautiful. Facts have taken an awful wrong turn, haven't they?

Fact 7: I hate my name.

What the hell. I'm beginning to think this is the reason nobody wants to befriend me. And even to my people, my name is a bit odd to them. It's very difficult to introduce myself in loud places, often repeating my name over and over and each time it is echoed back with such mispronunciation that I want to vomit. Is there such a thing as too foreign? That even those who are extremely tolerant of foreigners say "this is where I draw the line." But I'm probably wrong. But am I wrong?

Fact 8: Drugs are bad.. mmmmm k?

But I'm sure I'm not the only one to fry their brains for a time in their lives. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time. In my early 20s living in Arizona, I met a few people who would offer me the choice to fry. So I did. And I had loads of laughs doing it. It was an experience that I don't actually regret. LSD and John Waters we found out was the perfect recipe for a good time. The downside? The crash that I endured from it was not fun. I'm a depressive to begin with and when coming down, it made me even more depressed. Strange highs and strange lows.

OK, now I'm supposed to tag 8 other bloggers. I don't have that many regular readers, I'm so unpopular in blog land. So I'll try.
  1. Xolondon
  2. Jack
  3. Kilgorsky
  4. JL
  5. Dan
Most bloggers that used to read me are not around anymore so I can't tag 8 people. Does this mean I've broken the rules?


steve said...

This is excellent V, but it's killing me to know who the band was that you met. Have I missed something? Hmmmm, your idols. Anyhow, the dancing one cracked me up! You're a great story teller too. I wouldn't worry about the name, at least you aren't another Steve. Glad you participated!

kilgorsky said...

Thank you V for tagging me. It's a great way to get to know people better.

kilgorsky said...

Oh, speaking of names, mine is considered old fashioned here but I like it!

xolondon said...

I make no promises!

Meanwhile, I love your name - it's unique and evocative. And not in a forced way like...errr... Sheharazade (sp?). I can;t imagine anybody but a total yokel thinking it sounded too foreign or whatever.

Anonymous said...

It's an honor just to be tagged, really. I'll dig up eight more random facts about myself. 8^)

Dan said...

V, even though I was not tagged for this, I think I will give it a go. I simply have to jump start my blogging somehow!!

V said...

Hey guys, thanks for reading!

Dan, I have updated my post to include you. :)

Dan said...

Mine are up - probably not too exciting, but they are there! :)

Yuяi said...

I followed Dan's meme theme back here and am glad I did. I too am interested in the mysterious band you mention. And I have loved Debbie Harry/Blondie since I heard a 5 second blurb of "Heart of Glass" on a K-Tel record commercial back in the day! Yeah, I'm old.. ;)

Philip said...

Heart of Glass is an enduring favourite of mine. I only have to hear the intro ...