Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Morrissey - Atlantic City "of all places"

OK, so Morrissey did not re-schedule the MSG concert and canceled it altogether. This could be because of poor ticket sales. And after seeing him live yesterday at the Borgata Hotel & Casino (oh for Pet's sake) - I kinda got a feeling that that was it. The Borgata is less than half the space of the MSG and there were plenty of empty seats. And the floor was not all that crowded. I think he would have fared well by playing Radio City again Beacon Theater or The Apollo. Though hid did play The Apollo in 2004 for an entire week and sold out every show. So what's the deal? I figured a lot of fans from NYC like myself would make the trip out to Atlantic City to catch the show, but I guess a lot of people were maybe pretty pissed off at the man right now.

Moz put on a fantastic show, I thought. Opening with "Panic." Most of the songs came from his last two albums with some classic Smiths and solo stuff like Panic, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, How Soon is Now, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (lyrics changed to "let me get who I want"), The Last of The International Playboys, Disappointed, Everyday Is Like Sunday. He introduced two new songs. One about Paris and one about growing up with lyrics like, and I'm trying to remember something about falling down, breaking your spine and that there are worst things that could happen rather than being some one's sweetie! Good one.
His voice was excellent and in good form. He chatted with the audience quite a bit and off course the die-hard fans that come by for every show are mentioned by names. Questions are asked to the super fan such as "Why do people scream?" During Irish Blood, the lyrics were changed to "Americans being sick to death of Republicans." It brought loud cheers from the crowd.

During encore a few people managed to get up on the stage and were hurried off the stage. At one point it seemed to get out of control as Moz egging on the fans to get to the stage as the guards are scrambling all over the place to catch them. One guy got up and as he made a run for Moz, he was stopped half way by a guard with some kind of security-guard blocking motion and the guy just flipped back and fell slamming back.

I could have been down on the floor, but I just sat watched the whole thing from a seat on the riser. Had a good time. I'd never been to Atlantic City before so thanks to Moz, I now know what it's like out there. So, I'm glad I headed out there. I have a feeling he'll come back in the fall, but with Moz you can never be too sure.

P.S.: You don't want to see the terrible pictures I took of the show with my phone cam. Can't make out a thing other than the James Dean back-drop.

Also... oh never mind.


steve said...

Great you got to see him V and the show went well!! If only Americans were sick to death of Republicans (same response at the VA show)! We'll see soon, huh?

V said...

I told you I was confident that I'd see this show. :)

Philip said...

I recently heard a version of 'Moon River' by Morrissey for the first time. I still love him!