Friday, May 18, 2007

Greetings from the cubicle

Yeah, that's Tigger with the little magnet sticker saying "HELP" which sits on my cubicle.
So It's Friday and we may all heave a collective sigh of relief knowing that tomorrow we don't need to adhere to any rules other than those we make ourselves. So we get up when we want and go out if we need to and have lunch at whatever time we feel right.
I love today's weather. It's very cloudy with a the threatening hint of rain. I say threatening because it's coming and going little by little. I left my building today and felt the unseasonably cool weather and felt very alive. Yeah, it's a bit unusual that the grey skies and thick clouds can do that to me and not the Sun whom I worship. But I see this as the Sun taking a little vacation and hiding behind these menacing clouds tired from being such a "superstar." Another five billions years to go, Mr. Star.
Anyway, good Friday to you all. And sorry for the lack of postings.


steve said...

Hope your weekend was well V. geez, it's Monday already--don't know where mine went. Yeah, I like the occasional grey sky and cool weather--the secnt and feeling in the air does make one feel alive. I like how you wrote this post--well described.

xolondon said...

How English the weather is that you describe. Please meet me in London at 4pm today for tea. Will that work for you?

Philip said...

If you want, you don't have to adhere to any rules Monday to Friday. I don't!