Thursday, May 03, 2007

Are we living in The Matrix?

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture last night. The speaker was Brian Greene. Author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric Of The Cosmos.

The lecture was mostly about the Multiverse. There is a possibility that because there are an infinite number of universes, there's one universe where there is a world just like this one and you in that world are doing the same things you are doing right now over here. Or that there is another universe with a world in which you exist but there are variable differences. Like maybe the color of your eyes are different or you're wearing the same shirt but in a different color.

So what if it's "out there" stuff. I loved listening to him talk about all these possibilities. Though Brian Greene will have you believe that there is no such thing as free will. That it's a very nice illusion. But that it doesn't exist. Something the audience probably found hard to swallow.

The Multiverse was compared to that of Swiss cheese. Coincidentally, I had a packet of Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese in my bag (you know the ones with the wedges). I have a friend who likes to reward me in cheese. I'll explain some other time.

By the way Brian Greene is a vegan.

To the point, I had him sign my packet of cheese. Actually, I got my friend to do it. I was too shy and embarrassed to do so. But it was my idea. And I only said it as a joke that we should get him sign the cheese. Well, Greene thought it was funny.

The question came up by the moderator if maybe we are the result of one universe in which the inhabitants are so super intelligent that they came up with this computer that was able to create an entire universe and that creation was us. Brian says it's possible. But that he's fine with it.

Are you fine with it?

Greene seems like a super nice guy when even after his lecture, didn't mind a bit hanging around a crowd of people still wanting to answers to their questions. Mostly, I was happy to see a lot of very young people out there who I envy very much. The fact that they get the opportunity to feed their growing minds in this way is wonderful. Greene is only about four years older than I am. He's also a professor of physics at Columbia University.

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