Thursday, April 05, 2007

So sleep and dream of love...because it's the closest you will get to love

It's been one of those weeks. So this is what I'm listening to now. I figured a Moz/Smiths playlist was appropriate. Let the music speak for itself.


steve said...

Hope you feel better soon V. Yeah, I'll be going to see the Moz for my first time, pretty soon actually, here in VA. I had tix to see him play in Pittsburgh about ten years ago and for the second tour in a row he canceled on us. Needless to say, Pgh was pissed and we have a love/hate relationship with him there I think. I've yet to hear the latest album with him mentioning Pittsburgh in a song though. Anyhow, hope your weekend goes better!

xolondon said...

What is "The Edges.." from?

Morrissey said...

Awesome playlist! MORRISSEY IN MSG< PHILLY MANN < AND PNC!!!!!!!!!!