Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday's Paperbacks

No shortage of what I want to read as I'm finding it in great number of volumes these days. Those authors of long ago whom I feel are much deserved reading than today's trendy 20 something writing about what? Today's insanities and the people I won't relate to. They're not so brilliant, I feel.

Today's finding are more of Hesse and one of Goethe. Both of whom I should have read a long time ago but I find that it's more fitting to read about the stories they write today. I don't think it would have fit in well at the time of my 20s. I was more contempt mostly with the supermarket novels of Anne Rice during those old times. Well, I'll still read Rice. So sue me.

The books are in old paperbacks rather than the over sized ones where you have to shell out more money for. I remember the days before the over sized paperbacks. Though most science fiction paperbacks are still mostly produced in the smaller sizes, it's hard to find the smaller ones in the fiction category. So for the price of one over sized paperback, I was able to buy two of the smaller ones.

Reading commences tonight at around midnight.

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