Monday, April 30, 2007

Just add water and stir


Well, I've managed to get a good floor seating to the Moz concert despite the fact that I missed out on the pre-sales. I don't really feel that "Ringleader" is all that great but I'll go just to hear some of the old classics and Smiths stuff done live. It's was a great feeling the last time I saw him when he belted out those tunes. First time I went to see Moz was during his Kill Uncle tour in the early 90s. It wasn't until 97 that I saw him again. Moz somehow knew about me moving to New York and decided to do a Central Park summer concert for me during the Maladjusted tour. I saw him once more after that when he had nothing new going on but packed up the venue nonetheless and I think it was one of the best shows that I've been to. It was at the Roseland Ballroom so the place was small.


So we've discovered a new planet and this one is different than all the other 200 hundred or so planets we've been finding. I say "we" as if I had something to do with it when in fact I mean "we" as in the collective human species. It's a rocky planet orbiting a star in its habitable zone. It has an atmosphere which could mean that there might be water and where there's water, there's some kind of life. I think this is a great find and we need to find more of these planets. Because pretty soon, we're going to have to move and find another place to live.


Sometimes I just want to say to people: "You know, I didn't just come into being when you first met me. I've existed before. I've had eyes, ears and all other senses just as you in my younger years and I know what I see and hear.

But there's really nothing you can do about what people think about you. It sucks that they start painting this picture of you and when there's a real live contradiction, they start to rebel against what they have painted. They get angry because it wasn't what they thought about you, so you're at false or something.

One person once told me: "I can't see you ever being angry at anyone." He said this as if it was some sort of novelty. I mean what kind of a thing is that to say to someone? That they are incapable of displaying one of the most common of emotions.

Light Bulbs

I have to change my lights again in the living room. It's really starting to piss me off.


Just finished reading this amazing book. Did you know there's a movie? I need to get it. Why don't you read it, if you haven't done so? You don't have to buy it, you can download for free and and print it out (60 pages) here!

Immortal Beloved

Just saw this movie yesterday. A friend lent me the DVD. It's an amazing film about the life of Beethoven. By the way, Alan Wilder does a wonderful Moonlight Sonata on the b-side of "Little 15" I've always loved that piece and is one of the most loved of Beethoven compositions.

To those guys

Thank you for smiling today!


kilgorsky said...

Speaking of smiling. I've recently noticed I automatically smile when saying hi. My cheek muscles seem to be conditioned to move when they hear this word.

V said...

Kil - I must be doing the same (without knowing) which is probably why I'm noticing more people smiling back at me.