Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's a little dangerous that this is the sight I see every time I exit the train station to walk home. A Guitar Center walking distance from my apartment - not quite a good thing. I had actually planned on going there today. I wanted to buy a new audio interface. I wanted to look at guitars and basses. I plan on getting these instruments as I haven't touched any for years. And I'm afraid I'm going to have to learn to use them all over again. But the plan failed as I had one of those weekend long headaches again. What's up with that? Keeps happening more and more lately. I had to sleep it off. Now it's late in the evening and there's not much to do.

So Friday (I'm going backwards), I wanted to get off at Union Square and do a little CD shopping and get a hair-cut. But that didn't go either as I was having some awful pains coming from my left foot and legs.

So is this the pattern? Every time I think of shopping, I get all these pains keeping me from going. The result of the pains that came on my left foot was from hanging out at Toys R Us the previous evening, shopping for toys for Santa letters that we get in our office for underprivileged children and toy drive. I had stopped buying my niece and nephews gifts in favor of this sometime ago. They get plenty of stuff. I'd rather give to those that really need it, even though I don't know who they are.

I'm watching Cartoon Network right now. Assy McGee - That's some twisted shit, right there. Yeah, I'm laughing my ass off.


Jack said...

Wow, I hope all those pains pass so you can spend some money on yourself!
I've been meaning to watch Assy McGee!! I SO wish I'd had that idea.

V said...

The pains have passed but so has the weekend. Assy's way funny and twisted. Genius!

steve said...

Hey there V, glad you're feeling better. I'd love to get a guitar and a bass myself, and lots of effects pedals but I'd have to win the lotto first. Anyhow, Assy McGee--never heard of it but just the name sounds funny. Stuff like that makes me wish I had cable, then I realize I'm saving fifty bucks a month and don't feel so bad. Anyhow, that's very kind of you to do what you're doing with the drive and all. Hope you have an excellent holiday season!!!

V said...

Steve, I'm obessed with getting a guitar now. It's on my mind like 24/7. I'm doing research, but a good friend of mine who's a pro with guitars is going to talk to me about which ones are good for me. I'm excited about the whole thing. Hey there's a guitar in everyone's price range so maybe you don't need to win the the lotto. And you have Garageband so you just a get an audio interface and use your Garageband effects with your axe.

I know what you're saying about cable. Too many times I think about canceling it but I can't bring myself to do it.

Here's to you and a great holiday! Enjoy and be safe!

kilgorsky said...

Visiting music stores is so dangerous, but even more so is checking out eBay.

I got a new drum kit and a snare drum (this one I got on eBay). I'll post pictures when I get the chance.