Thursday, November 30, 2006

A crow and a baby had an affair

If you know where the title of this post comes from than we should be the best of friends. But please don't run away if you don't think so.

I listened to that whole album the other night and thought how genius the whole thing still is. *

"Toyota City" indeed does make me think of cars. Driving on a lone highway with streetlamps glaring off the windshield. During the night off course when the stars are seen. And off to the left, on a mountain, a tiny house with one window lit. Perhaps the bathroom. One of those drives where it's all too quiet and very late at night and everyone is tired and dreaming of sleep.

The above is an actual memory from when I was just a mere child. In a land far away from here.

Here are lyrics to "Life Kills." Something I know you all can relate to.

When you fall into your seat, you know you feel you might be dying
As the breath rasps in and out of your burning throat
You can't control your lungs because you're so tired
You're half awake with one arm in your coat

Well thank God that there is someone there to drive you
You know you couldn't make it on your own

He helps you through the door
You sit down on the floor
And you're asleep before you are alone

Your life is like a schedule
You run to meet the bills
No one's awake to tell you
Life kills

For a while it seems exhaustion has subsided
The day is over and the moon is high
But your period of work is predecided
Funny how the hours of freedom seem to fly

Well thank God that there is someone there to drive you
You know you couldn't make it on your own

He helps you in the door
You sit down as before
Another shift to pay another loan

Your life is like a schedule
You run to meet the bills
No one's awake to tell you
Life kills

words and music by The Human League
published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

* I am speaking about The Human Leagues 2nd album Travelogue. Before they went all cute-sy.


Jack said...

I'm embarassed that I didn't know that line. It's a great line, though!

steve said...

"The result was a landslide, the result was a dare"

Great post V! I got the remastered version of this cd with outtakes a couple of years ago. I've got the original cassette somewhere too. brilliant release from start to finish--seminal even.

V said...

That's Ok, Jack - There are some pretty weird lines in that song. Like:

"Mushrooms growing from your back
Feeding some damn carrion bird.

Do you want to contribute
To the corruption of the world"


Steve - I agree It's a great album from start to finnish. Nothing like it. I knew you'd know about this one!

Newpeep, N.D. (neurotic depressive) said...

No shit?! I would never have recognized that as Human League! I've got their song "Fascination" on MP3, you know, that cutesy one. :-D Seriously, I had no idea that Human League were ever ... what's the word ... discontent? Edgy? I just liked them because they made me want to dance. Throw me into the calderon with the rest of the unsuspecting masses.

steve said...

I actually like their poppier stuff as well. "fascination' rocked my world as a kid, hearing that one on the radio, the synth horns and all. And of course "Don't you want me"--that great sequencer beat then the wicked keys dropping in. Good stuff.

V said...

NP, Steve - I totally agree that League's pop stuff pretty much ruled the early 80s.

Fantastic dance tunes. I loved the Fascination EP that came out with such songs like "You Remind Me of Gold" and "I Love You Too Much" and who can forget "Mirror Man." I even loved their 1984 album "Hysteria" Good stuff their too even though they were starting to introduce guitars starting from that album.

I hear Robbie Williams now covers the song "Louise" which I haven't heard but word is that it's pretty cool.

I think when they did those two earlier albums; Reproduction & Travelogue, they should have kept their old name "The Future" since it seemed to fit the style of music they were doing at the time. Even though I think The Human League is such an awesomme name for a band.

steve said...

It is an awesome name--like a superhero crew or something. i still have yet to get reproduction. is it as good as Travelogue?

V said...

I would say that they are similar. If you like Travelogue, you'll like Repro. With some pretty cool tracks like:
Circus of Death
Blind Youth
Empire State Human
You also get a bunch of extras like the Dignity of Labour EP which is all instrumental.

It's available on iTunes so you can go and take a listen before buying. But I'm sure you'll like it - Or if you don't want to buy it, I can always send it to ya ;)