Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Classix Nouveaux - Guilty

Ah - Another great song of the early 80s New Romantic era. Don't know much about the history of Classix Neouveaux except that I've had their album on vinyl and the lead singer's name is Sal Solo. Love that whole vampire look and I guess I should have posted this yesterday.

But - A great song to go crazy and dance to. It has one of those great guitar beginings. When the keyboards come in, that's when you just start moving. Real crazy. It's got one of the great choruses of all time with:

Guilty, guilty you found me
Guilty, guilty you found me

Sing along!

I'll have to look see if I can find their stuff on CD.

YouTube makes nostalgia so much more fun!

Well, it looks like this video has to be watched from the Youtube site, here's the url for it.


steve said...

Gotta love the lead guy's guitar! I always thought they were the coolest as a kid. can'te recall the name of that style. Anyhow, i don't remember much at all about these guys. I only once found photos of them in some library in some book on the history of rock music--weird huh? And it looks like marilyn manson took this look in one of his many phases. Billy Corregan too for that matter (ha ha).

V said...

Yeah Steve, that is strage that they would be mentioned in a rock history book. Marylin isn't much for originality. Most say he stole most of his looks from Rozz Williams (that whole androgony thing) as well. As for Billy, I guess he had to do that since he was losing his hair. :)

Did you see the dancers in this video? Reminds me a lot of the dancers from Duran's "Planet Earth" video.