Monday, November 29, 2010

New DM Remix album

For release next year will be a new Depeche Mode remix album. Again, I'm not a big fan of remix albums but this one might be of interest  because of the remixers involved. Some of the names being thrown around are Duran Duran ( from what I understand they will be remixing Personal Jesus), Aland Wilder, Vince Clarke, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs!, Brandon Flowers and Arcade Fire. I'm a little interested because the remixers are some ex-members of Depeche Mode and some pretty well known bands and not a bunch of DJs with funky names. I don't know that there ever was a Depeche Mode remix by a DJ that I liked. What I would really love is a nice Depeche Mode remix album done by band members and the songs chosen are from their early career. Which is why I chose a very young Depeche Mode picture and one that includes Alan Wilder. Alan seems to be invovled lately as far as joining Depeche Mode on stage recently to play the keys for the song Somebody. If this remix album is of newer work, then I may pass it up. I would be curious to hear of updated versions of the old material from Speak & Spell, A Broken Frame, Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward.


Abdelicious said...

I came by on youtube on this video it just has been posted on facebook ...

Some people told me it will be on the remix album also, it is made by a technomusic pioneer Jamez (Trancesetters)

I really liked it, can't wait to buy the remix album

V said...

Thanks for the link Abdelicious.

I do like the mix.